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some picts which i've left out ytd while blogging!

planned to meet chijie szegee junhao junfei and shixuan at pool
around 12!
who knows ytd i slept at around 2+ and thus
i woke up at 11.45am.

LOLs. needless to say, im late im late!
shawnn was going as well, as he didnt wanted to rot at home.
actually can go out earlier to meet them de! who knows got one dumbdumb haven bathe yet!

szegee called to say we cant bowl after 1.15, cause there's some activity or event going on at safra bowling. should be some family day for duno what thing luh.
which means, they only have time for one game, and i also have to wait till the thing is over before can bowl!

hahah. luckily for me, there's one NS man at home. HAHAs!
borrowed safra card from my bro before meeting shawn who cabbed down to my block here as its raining. met the guys at safra then.
watched them finish their game while we went pool!

pooled whole day can! hahaha. but also got go out eat lahs~
till about 4pm the event at safra bowl is over le, so the rest of them went out for another game while shawn and i continued with pool.

damn retard can!
i can never break at the starting luh. hahah.
machiam never eat rice! HAHAs.
so played till around 5+ before the guys came back and we went off!
its like still early and i didnt want to go home that early DD:

but bobian! yishun soooooo small!
walked home to kill time luh. shawn sent me home then.
he this guy ar, too much time. LOL.

and here im blogging!


hahah. planned to go back school to retake grad video, but due to my persistence they postponed in to friday! hahah.

but details not yet confirm. arghh.


what should i do?!?!

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