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went back schoool in the morning~
whole class to reach school at 9AM! dont feel like waking up one luhs D: actually wanted to cab to school as i was like abit late! took such a longgg time to find my earpiece .____. but oh wells, save money! took bus, but school's back gate isnt open. have to walk one BIG ROUND to the front gate :/ i walked in the rain! okay, not that exaggerating. slight drizzle. oops :x

anyways, discussed what to do for our grad video. had quite a few ideas but decided to stick to the original plan, which is to ask the classmates to act as our subject teachers and of course, do something of their trademark lahs! hahaha. darn funny. but what im afraid is others may not understand till then. cos mostly our 4H's inside joke!

okays, things started to get abit boring later on! and i suddenly heard eeting saying "strawberry head" to sam. so i turned around, and.. SAM REALLY LOOKED LIKE A STRAWBERRY HEAD! laughs*

eeting and zihan gave me my belated presents! quite a variety of presents from them. one of it was this keychain! chio chio!

i think alot of people are gonna strangle me if they saw this. while people scribble one page or more to get a big fat ZERO, i scored L3/3 with one sentence for SBQ. LOL.

had Social Studies lecture today! main purpose is to get back our prelim II paper for ss. SUPER DUPER HAPPPPPY! i got a 36/50! like way lots of improvement from my 26/50 for prelim I. 2classmates of mine even scored 41/50. makes this mark seems so unsignificant. but nevertheless, its better than nothing! :DDD what im afraid now is geog might pull me downn downn and downn again :/

okay okay, stop muttering "pool again" under your breath. hahaha. as there wasnt much to do after lecture, quite a few of us headed for william's condo! hahah. some planned to edit the vids, some wanted badminton while some of us wanted pool!

his condo there de pool equipments.. darn cute! got pool balls no pool table. only can use the ONLY billard table to play pool, which is like so so so BIG! play one game play so long! play till exhausted. LOL. serious luhs! one game can stretch till 45min. lost my first round when i pocketed the black ball by mistake and imagine the time i have to rot and wait for my next round :/

EX-SECRETARY LOST TO EX-VICE HEAD PREFECT! hahaha. which simply implies to william larhs! qi si wo. im giving him a free ball everyround. grrs. :/ anyways, played till around 7 before i cabbed home! im not wasting money kays. although khatib is just beside yishun, its like so inaccessible in terms of transport can! LOL.


anyways, back to my codes errors, thanks for the tags left behind and the offline messages by cass and others x)) && just to specify, my font and spacings have no bug. hahah.

## that's because my previous blog's background was white, while its body font color was grey at that time. to make it more ostentatious, for everypost i changed its font to black color manually.
## hence when i changed skin now where its background color is now black, the wordings of my previous post cant be seen unless you highlight it. :b

BUT! dont worry, i've just changed all the black color words to grey earlier on. all the posts loaded on this page is viewable! but that doesnt applies to my archives post. and with concern to some, my body font color is white! ((: dont worry! nevertheless, thanks for the effort in telling me tips here and there! millions and truckloads of them! ♥


Thew- uh? never say anything lahhs~ hahah. got nice vids tell me! x)

Carroll- hehe, shall i send you a parcel? :b hehe. wait sometime when we meet up i sure pass you some!

Lawrence- ohh. okkays ((: thanks for the note!

Homie- rawr. dont eat me lahhs~ your teeth not hard enough. LOL.

DD- hahaha, you weekends also le ma! can can can sleep late! LOLs. lalala.

Gabriel- ohh. i didnt knew. hehs. another time thenn ((:

HongQuan- alrights. thanks for the notes you left me on msn too!

Juxapasserby- ohhh. thanks too! helped me. :b

Shiyun- oppps. replied you via msn ler!

Kaiting- cyas on monday too! :DD


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