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Went Changi Terminal 3 again!

[as quite a number has already been there and posted pretty picts of T3 on their blogs before, i shall save my time from taking them :b ]

hahahs. met up with shiyun deardear, kaiting and sze gee and bus-ed to changi! haha. junfei wanted to come at first one.. but by the time he ends his tuition, think he lazy to come out already :/ hahah. seriously.. its kind of boring there. lunched there, walked around and, nothing to do already! supposedly sy suggested to go there cause there's this new butterfly garden or something. but who knows, its inside the departure hall. wasted trip. haha. went to candy empire and bought some choclates! :D

and you see the pict abt with the chairs in white? 4 of us sat there to decide where to head to next. LOl. looks quite dumb luhs. haha. then szegee came up with an idea.

Szegee : "ehh why not we just go out first lahhs. see which bus come first then we board it"
rest of us : ok, steady. LOL.

serious, we went out and who knows, the bus which came first was 36 if im not wrong. did something even more lame. We played "Open numbers" while on the bus. LOL. that's to decide where and at which stop we shall alight starting from the first bustop when it leaves changi terminals.

Szegee : 1
Kaiting : 5
shiyun : 3
Me : 5

with a total of 14, we decide to alight at its 14th stop lor. LOL. we are so darn funny can. as we count... at the 13th stop, we started to get abit worried. cause at its 13th stop, its like nowhere in the middle of some private estate those kind can! hahaha. luckily, the bus headed for the highway. so,.. at its first stop after the highway which is also the 14th, it landed us right smack infront of a suntec city tower entrance. LOLS. we were all laughing like mad and we got off. lucky the number wasnt 13 or 15. HAHAs!

didnt really fancy this pict. took it in a rush and and and.. not nice :/
shall still blog then.

anyways, walked around suntec! wanted to go movies.. but szegee wasnt keen on it as he've watched ytd. planned to go kbox but shiyun wasnt keen on it too, as she seldom or rather she dont sings. hahas. oh wells, just walked walked.

so before we went off, went to Donut Factory! bought some donuts and went searching for the bustop which i cant exactly remember where it was. alas! found it and took 857 home. saw dearie, ama darl weitien and clar at the interchange. haha. they just came back from the SP open hse thing. (((:

and yea, my dearest blog readers, LOls. need some help from you guys.

#1. if you find any probs viewing my blog tell me kay! dont know what to do for the html and css errors. if it's fine for viewing purposes then i shall just leave it as it is. :b

#2. i've accidentally used back my old template links, which meant... i've lost quite a few links! especially those which i've added recently. if you cant find your name by your sidebar just leave me a note alrights! ((:


Gabriel - lols.. abit no link. hahas.

DD- bleahs. cannot be wake up at 6am ma! hahah. uhhh, your link is back! dont worry. LOL.

Andy- haha yea! after a day of hardwork :b

Homie- o.o where got! that time you also luh. worse than me. LOLS!

Dennis- thanks! :DD

Carroll- hahah yeaa. abit pissed off. so many stuffs here and there! hee. yeappps. changed playlist :b imeeem too problematic! hehe. okays, will be changing cbox too! :DDD hahah. shall i make some for you? ^^

Thew- supp! hahaha. of course! you showed it to me before. you forgotten! hahaha. yeapps :DDD

Lawrencezx - hahahs. urm, yea. :/

Guowei- hahahs. nopes. our class nobody went :/ no accompany! hahah. alrights! relinking soon ((:

Celesta- yeahhhhh! cheers! :b hahaha. cya tmr alrights! ♥

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