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for the first time in my life i got an A1 for my physics!! and i mean it. its the FIRST time. hahaha. didnt expect to score high even when mr lee said our class MSG was 1.6. cause beforehand he asked what happened to me, say why i leave one whole page blank. at first i didnt understand, who knows when i got back my paper,.. XIN TONG ONE CAN! 1 whole question 6 marks i left whole thing BLANK! like so zomg. and its an easy question! want to bang my head against the wall can! dont even know what i was doing during the prelim. RAWR~

but nevermind. an A1 for physics is now safely in my pocket. LOL. my prelim 1 was disastrous can! D7 for physics! anyways, although i got an A1, its a low one lahh! 76/100. if only i didnt left out that question.. its like more than 20 of my classmates get above 80 can D: argh, nvm. got score A1 can liaos! at least wont get suanned by mr lee again.

NEVERTHELESS, im still not spared from those extra lessons lahhs! he mentioned those below A2 for this paper to attend his extra remedial lesson. i was like yay-ing around so happily (finally spared) when he suddenly look to my direction and...

He : "but jaslin, i still want you to come on thursday for remedial "
me : *stunned. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! [ i was practically whining ]
he : " because you are still very playful "

-.- ho sei le lor. so, say goodbye to thursdays afternoons. hmmms.


anyways, that ends the big hoo-haa for me for the day. the only thing i should be happy about. got back my emaths paper 1. although its just paper 1 and i scored like 61/80, in the class i think the mean is like around 70/80. so... jialat luh. but, didnt expect much from this subject. paper 2 to be received tmr.

anddd, speak about my LANGUAGE SUBJECTS. really is CMI. Cannot-Make-It .___.
for english, just for the comprehension i already get single digit can! 8.5/25. how awesome my score was. LOL. 12 passes from my class thou.

&& as for chineseeeeeeeee, i think me and emily dearie clinched the FIRST FEW! first few from the bottom lor. and again i must mention, what's the problem with oh kian tee ?! i shall let the pict do the talking. 103/200. 3marks pass. LOL.

all marginal passes to save the marginal failures.

anyways, enough of these. hahah. that's all i received for the day. seems that my L1R5 has some hope after my physics! happy happy :D tmr im getting back the rest of my results. think my L1R5 could also be calculated out. hahah. i didnt fail my elective geog! seems like my combined humans has some hope too. LOL.


okay, enough of results. school ended at 2.40pm today! but.. I MANAGED TO LEAVE THE CLASSROOM ONLY AFTER 3.30pm. T.T planned to go causeway lunch at pastamania with sy deardear. but since 2 makes no fun, decided to pull kaiting and derek along, whom were not sure whether they wanted to go anot.

moreover, sabrina tan and john lim came to the class to clarify some matters with those concerned regarding the social studies paper. at first derek wanted to clarify one. so.. okay luh. me and sy wait. wait till 3 already, still waiting. ..... clock is still ticking by. so i decided to train my patience and took out a book to read.

3.10, im still waiting. waiting and waiting. this time, kaiting decided to take out her paper to clarify. since others were doing the same thing. okay, so i waited and waited. getting bored of flipping the boring book.

3.20, im still waiting. and this time, shiyun then decided to take out her paper ask something. arghhh. like so zomg! all take turns can. DDD: tried "blowing" them by asking if they are done, but simply seems to be futile.

3.30, i finally left the classroom. LOL. since derek and kaiting had to rush their npcc stuffs, and they were coming to my hse to borrow comp use it. ( since derek live at cck and kaiting at ang mo kio ) at first say dowant go causeway le. but shiyun insist on having it today, afterall there's lecture tmr = no time. left for them to decide and finally took bus to causeway. LOL. by the time i took my lunch its considered my dinner already. hehs * :b

anyways, rushed back home again as kaiting kept on saying "japat japat" which literally means faster luh. hahah. reached my hse around 5+ , and did their stuffs till 7+ before they homed. ((:


cannot be bodoh again reach school at 7am. LOL. breakfast-ing with thomas, cel and clique. hahah.

and being random, its raining again! at night. super ♥ rainy nights. nice weather to sleep! LOL. and and anddd, the thunder just boomed and i heard the metal grills of my windows squeaking. i wonder what will happens if it collapses and dropps on me during the night o.o
HAHAS! im just kidding. its true that the metal grills of my windows were vibrating but im just exaggerating it by saying its squeaking. LOL. i live in a HDB flat! hahaha. sorry, crappy today. tata!


Kaixun - hmmmmms, wan harrass me ar. sure anot~ looks to yuanyuan* LOL. anyways, i update everyday one lor! so.. DREAM ON!

DD- hur! who want argue with you! by the time you tagg, must be lesson just start right! tsk tsk, never listen in class!

ANDY- what! you zookeeper. im still alive luh! hahaha. free then tag ar. tsk tsk tsk. :x

ZHIYAN- ohhh.. i sees. but still, its from four leaf! i recognise it. hahaha. last time my bdae also got a cake somewhat similar to it. hahah. ohhh, then relax luh :D ltr stressed out o.o

EMILY- hahah. smart smart :b they too bo liao lahs~ hee.

CASSANDRA- haha. i now then realised i didnt link you. thought i did all along. LOl. paiseh paiseh! link up soon! :DD

WEIFENG- thanks for d tag! :D

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