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ahhh. does this triggers your childhood memories?! hahah.

i think up to now, i spent my greatest amount of energy on studying geography lor! imagine in the middle of the night nearing 4am and you're still facing this damned book and cramming things in! i stared at the little tiny words, and they stared back at me. and for the whole night i was lying on the FLOOR cramming & cramming.

argh. i think i spent alot of time on the Rivers and Coast, almost hours can! went on to development... before i CONKED OUT! was seriously very tired lo.. these two chapters are my better subjects under Physical Geog and Human Geog! focused on them first.. before i realised some of my notes missing. raided and raped my cupboard but still cant find my forest's notes. too tired, first time that i went to sleep w/o studying finish.

woke up at 8am in the morning to force myself go study again. hahah. this time i found my river notes. well, under elective geog there's these choose-1-out-of-2-questions given for both physical and human geog.

for food, i gave up, and i just briefly went through the Genetically modified food and etc.. flipped through the notes on forests, read up notes on map reading skills and thats it. TO THE EXAM HALL! think its the first time i prepared so much for my geog



Geography Paper.

this paper is RIDICULOUS! there are four questions, each under each theme.. the question on river and coast is like.. argh. forget it. its totally different from the practices which we had been given over the past 2 years lo. as in, the type of questions.
all ask about th seemingly-unimportant && unsignificant stuffs from the textbook! by right who would go pay attention to them right! stupid gabions.. coral reefs and etc. left me so dumbfounded! i dont even know how to go about it.

ended up attempting the Forest questions.. throughout my 2 years of geog papers and exams i've always been practicing on rivers + development. never had i once tried FOREST nor FOOD. and yet, for my biggest O lvls, I ATTEMPTED FOREST.

argh, again, ridiculous! the topic which i spent hours memorising went all down the drain! instead, i did the question which i had only FLIPPED through, which is forests. arghhhh. i think i've screwed this paper.. i have no experience in forest questions neither do i pay ANY attention to forest stuffs during lectures.

this geography as usual, IS GONNA PULL DOWN MY SS. there goes my combined humanities. i was just putting on a mask when the paper ended. crap man.. the paper which i spent so much effort into. T.T

happy new year.

nights of studying! on the floor kay.

expect moreeee!

okay, i believe this is the extreme that the untidiness of my room can go. HAHA. i threw away all the geog worksheets once i reached home. Emaths paper 1 and Amaths paper 2 in the morning tomorrow!

i still dont get vectors & probability. have to mug later on. FIRST TIME IM GONNA STUDY FOR EMATHS! yes im not lying.. i've never mug for emaths before. wish me luck ehhs. paper is in 8am in the morning.. i wonder if i could get out of bed. *ponders.



throwing away related worksheets are part of destressing okay! wahaha.
dont laugh!
and in case you hadnt realised it, its the first time i commented something that was stressful.

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Andy- what about me! piak you ar. hahaha.

Homie- you okay! not me. hahah gl for emaths.

Weifeng- hahah thanks thanks. you enjoy your holidays ar :D

Shawn- what intel creature?! you ar you ar. hahahah. too bad, im still using. lalala. see see, im doing you good by preventing you from rotting lor! hahah

im like a moth trapped in a glass jar,
suffocating in th dark with each breath that i take.

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