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i wont be able to access the net from tonight onwards till thursday! D:
hmmms, it will be because my mum had hired some people to come over our house to re-paint the walls! no choice, my bro would then have to disconnect his cables and everything.
so my internet access = byebye.

hmmmms. the colours of my wall is suposedly Rose White, where it appears pale beidge when in the bright and appears pink when in the dark. and since i have a CHOICE on what colour i wanna my room to be, i ended up with LILIAC PURPLE. forgot the colour name. those pastel color lo.

wanted some colours like bright red and orange. but my mum forbids it. say what the room would become very crowded. and due to feng shui, yellow, green and blue are out of the list. left me with beidge, pink, white and purple.

paint back the same colour also no fun. so go for purple lo. not exactly my fav colour. just for a change. hmmmmms, dont really look forward to the end-result. who knows it might crash with the colours of my furniture. hahah. kidding.

i'll TRYYY my very best to take the before and after of my room after these 2 days ! :DDDD
dont miss me yea! hahah.

while for the these two days, I TRY TO STUDY LAHS! hahaha. woke up like 10am in the morning today when i only slept at 4+ the previous night. hahah. was playing and slacking.
im gonna mug mug mug. COS I MADE DEALS WITH PEOPLE!

Andy's Bet : L1R4 13points below i'll get a treat on whatever i want!

Ash's Bet : L1B4 (8) or R5 (9) score better than him, he'll treat me to whatever i want!

if i lose, i treat them to whatever i wan lo.
hahah. andy one he sure die. HAHA. :b lalala.
while for Ash, HE SUPER GAY LA! TT
L1B4 8 points, L1R5 9 points! roarrrr. but still, shall take it to a challenge for myself. :D afterall, that's my goal as well.

SIGHHHHHHHHHH. o lvl paper, tell me what's on your mind!



MrWong- ohhh. hahah. you put mr wong ma. i stil thought is tcher. hahaha

Lawrence- yea yea! :DDD

Zhiyan- hahah. you got loads of time to head there! :b hmmm how come? its interesting lo that place. hahaha.

Yong- heyyy! hahaha. YOU ALSO! JYJY. few days left only! :DD

Hq- ohhh. i see i see. :DDDD

Prince- hahah. of course lahs! ♥ ♥ ♥ hahaha

Shawn- yea quite shuang. but O lvls nearer also! argh.

Sinren- im YOUR VICTIM! hahaha. super funny lor, when u grab choops also. haha

Homie- eh. HOMEY sounds nice hor. hahaha

Weifeng- :DDD

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