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cchy suddenly turned artistic as we saw this graffiti being drawn on the wall beside our classroom.

ok la, not graffiti. hahaha whatever you call it. when we went back to classroom on friday, we got a small shock. hahah someone even asked :

person A: "ehh, vadalisation again ar?"
person B: "dont think so lahh. they where got so artistic and so much time =="

hahah. cant remember who said that thou. haha cause that time some people went to vandalise our classroom. LOL. the drawing should be halfdone. saw lots of chalk on our OHP in our classroom. haha. think you can see the shadings if you zoomed in :D

aha! and THIS! this annoying stack of amaths + geog worksheets. rahhh.

hahaha. as i said, i usually throw away the worksheets after each paper ends. hahah. english worksheets should be in the rubbish chute by now. :b amaths is like so so so much lahhs! took half of my day to sort out that stack of worksheet, to see which one to keep and which one not.

and yes yes yes.


emaths half down only. still have paper 2 =/ god bless. tidied up my worksheets today. left with SS, physics and biology notes around. hahah. physics is like god-damned LOT can! arghhh. nvm. physics is ♥♥! okay, although i do alot of physics, im still getting the jitters from the thought of O lvl paper. i dont wanna screw it and get a B3! cause mr lee said that the most i can go is B3. rahh.

okay nvm. finally get can some rest. FOR NOWWW. argh. okay, maybe some others had hear me say before, but i dont care. im gonna repeat here. haha!

Cambridge is dumb again. argh, for the first 4 days, they squeezed in 6 papers for me! 6 papers in 4 days. %^$#%@. and thennnnnnnnnnnnn,
8papers spreaded out over the next 3 WEEKS! roaarrr. okay la, i know its not their fault cause other days there are some other papers. but i still wanna whineeeee. hahah.

been slacking whole day today. to make up for my lack-of-sleep-&-lack-of-rest dayys. haha~ im gonna work on physics again.. since its the next paper. monday is deepavali and yet i have to go back school. =\ okay jaslin dont whine. last time already.


O lvls, FLY PAST FASTER CANNN. 20 DAYS SEEMS LIKE 20MONTHS NOW. i have lotsa lotsa things on my mind on what to do after my exam. wahaha. firstly, im gonna find a dance teacher to learn ballroom dancing! hahah. managed to physco my sydeardear and maybe kaiting to go learn tgt. william expressed interest as well. :DDD !


nvm. i still have my guitar waiting for me. HAHA! im gonna learn learn learn guitarrr ♥. but sadly, Nee Soon East CC doesnt offers any guitar lessons concurrently. ): i need to go findddd. roarrr.

my mother suaned me today : "wahh awhile you wan learn dance, awhile you want find work, now you also want learn guitar. you where got so much time? 2nd Feb o9 you have to go back school alr lei "

gosh. ok la, i know im fickle minded. awhile i told u i want go jc, awhile i say i wan poly. LOL. well, but but but, having the O lvls freaked me out enough alr. i cant imagine having A lvls again 2years down the road. i just read wanting's blog (she having A lvls) and its like.. very jialat. hahah. tried psychoing my mum to let me go poly by bringing up alot alot alot of courses. LOL. see how then.

Replies to tags :

Joseph- hee thanks! taking things in my stride now.. hahah. XD moving on!

Andy- eeks im not! piak you somemore. hahaha. wont pain de lah! :D

Shawn- ah choy! blackout your head. blackout then i go rob your lappy. HAHA. er, i say one lo! no life then get a life! hahah

Homie- wah. thank you ar homey. LOL. then next time i own a cat i call it HOMEY. LOL.

MrWong- nope you're not! hahah. thanks! :DD

Regina- saw you ytd! hahah. thanks! ♥

Yunhui- working hard already. hehe. must rest de ma! if not study until go crazy. :x

i just dont understand why,
teach me to forget;
teach me to fly.

to another one's door you'd knocked upon,
teach me how to move on;
teach me how to get out of this spot.

to be someone blind i tried,
to be someone,
of no sense of touch, sound and feel.

fall out of my head;
fall out of my mind;
out of my heart.

boy that's all i ask for.

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