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hahah. i've finally manage to upload the pictures. took me a great deal of time! urgh. anyways, about yesterday, shall let the pictures do most of the talking! :DDD

anyways, ytd after the chem mock paper in the morning, while other classes had lessons for the rest of the day, our class camwhored all the way! hahah. i guess we're the noisiest class in the level. hahah.

i remember during choops time, she wanna conduct lesson. then who knows sinren also go grab her take picts with her. hahah. choops also got super high lo!

Mrs choo : wei wei wei. since when i say this lesson is for all of you to take pictures huh?
Me: aiya nevermind one lahhs tcher, last day xD
Sinren :
mrs choo come come! *graps mrs choo, flip out phone then snap!

hahah. sinren says she seldom see another candid picture of me. LOL.
see see, another victim of her. LOL.

okay, yesterday in the morning was still in sleep mode. so all the pictures taken look super weird. urgh. i also stayed up late the previous days. hahah.

will be doing selective posting of picts. :b
anyway we have Graduation day to come. that day moreee pictures. xD

super dao tzy huoy!


gay + gay

wahaha! rumoured couple!

speak no evil;
hear no evil;
see no evil.

hahah actually is the other way round. :/

hahah. everyone snapping away! XD


spot me!

Peking Duck!

Yummy anot!

The Imperial Chicken!

okay, we were all eating away very happily until they started talking about the chicken's butt. say who wan eat, blah blah and such.
then who knows..... there came this suggestion :

"ehh, come lahs. we all play game. its either you kiss the chicken or you eat the chicken butt!"

roarrrrrrr. i thought they were just kidding! then who knows sunshine took the lead. oh my tian. ms wong also say we all so cranky lahhs. TT so everyone except for ms wong didnt got off the hook. lol. uber sponstaneous!

rawr rawr. it was sunshine -> william -> derek -> kaiting -> shiyun -> me.

when it was kaiting's turn she's so scared of the chicken head! hahaha. then die die refuse to kiss it. keep on "eeee" LOL. so in the end its either she put eat another > spanish vegatable(something, forgot name) or she kiss it. haha!

of course, i didnt kiss the peak of it lahs! i kissed its neck like shiyun. hahah!
pictures below!


hahaha! look at derek!

everyone trying to get a pict of others


look at kaiting's expession!
the chicken head staring at her and she stares it back. hahaha. candid!

cant stop laughing lor! if you zoom in the pict you'll see me laughing away like hell. hahah

okay, either this or that.
ended up with this! haahaa.

censored away to reduce unglamness okay!

picture outside restaurant.
from L to R : me, chijie, shiyun, kaiting, derek, william, sunshine, ms wong

took a walk around clarke quay! had a view of nightlife at clarkequay.
okay, i seldom have chance to go there at night.

dont laugh! special highlights below!

oops im hunch backed.

alot ang mohhs!

me and sunshine.

the C-Clinic!

haha. this was the one ms wong wanted to intro to us.
it was once supposedly a hospital, where they revamped it to become a little cafe!

the tables were the Surgury Tables,
chairs were wheelchairs
lightings were the lights used in Surgical Rooms
and drinks! got one special table where the people drink their stuffs from the drip!

dont understand? see below.

okay, maybe you cant see the wheelchair.
but you can see the surgical tables and the drip! blue in colour. spot it.

think you can see the surgical lights from here.
other chairs were redesigned using the beds as template!

shadows of us! SPOT ME YEA! :D

anyways, walked till around 10+ before we started to make our way home! walked one round before heading off for City Hall Mrt station.

clarkequay has darn lots of caucasians and angmoh! hahah. not bad hors, i introduced to some of you the night life in singapore! hahaha. since not all of my readers are locals. :b

was super super tired! and a little aching from my heels. hahah. im taller than sunshine in the 3inch heels of mine! hahaha. okay, cheap trill. LOL. anyways, reached home at around midnight or 11+.

was waiting for derek to send finish the photos which is like 115MB after compressing that zipped file! haven send finish, i already fell asleep. oops! woke up at around 12, and my comp was left sleeping the whole night. hahaha.


today today! woke up, tried to upload some picts and headed out to study!

met up with edwin at northpoint before going to 900+ coffeeshop to eat. wahahah. since he eat alrdy he can only watch as i eat. lalala. planned to go BK but alot of people!

ended up at the yishun east CC study room again. lianjie and clarlynn joined us too! :DDD studied till 6+ before we headed home. tata, and here i took so long to blog.

if not i knock your head. took effing long time for this post. enjoy!


ANNE- hahaha. jiayous to you too!

Shawn- hehs. thanks alot!

Nicolette- yea yea! hehe. all because of the mock exam. but study period come alrdy! lets head out to study! XD jyjy!

Low- hello hellos! :D

Andy- roarrr. nvm. hahaha. i shall get 12 points below anyway. HAHAH. okay, will smile more one :D

Yunhui- hehe. yea! spoil after 1 year. roarrr. when my warranty is over! D:

Alvin- HEY! :D

Homie - HOMEYYYYYYYYYYY. hahah nice spelling right. lalala.

Zhiyan- ooops, must be a typo. hahah. yup yup! the teacher is super nice! xDDD

Weifeng- :DD



hahah. my phone now is not just turning red for the graphics. not just only blacking out and restarting it. now its worseeeeeeeeee!

its like the graphics thing either turn blank for my whole page ( although i can still use functions if i remember the keys by hard )
or it blacks out! and, it take a super long long time to restart it! or rather, I CANT RESTART.

roarrrr. restart le, still blank page. reput battery also no use! arghhhhhh. how how how.
i dont wanna use that old Nokia 7260 as its cam resolution is so sucky! and secondly, its a nokia phone! USER-UNFRIENDLY!

if i send for repairs, it wont be cheap, cause i have no warranty. my 21month contract is not yet up either. if i buy a new phone, its gonna cost me a bomb too! dont think my mum is forking that out. arghh.

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