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hahah. i said to disconnect my comp today rights! hahaha. but too bad, my mum asked me to go out with bro, his gf and another relative to The Furniture Mall somewhere near Ophir Road there. well, he finally ordered his SET of room furniture which is to be delivered on next tuesday. gosh im envious! cause his set of furniture seems to be PRETTIER than mine! hahah.

k lahhs, dont care. after buying and stuffs, we went to eat STEAMBOAT! picture below. hahah. eat until pretty full :DDD

everyone eating steamboat there! i think got 3 steamboat shops side by side.

hahah. and im HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

we went to BHG (last time's Seiyu) for a short walk. walk walk until i saw one pumps that i like! hahaha. and surprisingly my mum bought it for me. wahah. she even agreed to letting me buy another pair of heels and my own clothes for the upcoming new year! wahah. cause i think i've already used the CNY excuse [repeatedly] to buy some heels earlier on. LOL

happy thing number 2. we went to Charles and Keith to shop for clothes! actually just wanted to buy for my brother one. but who knows there's a sale going on there. i bought two bottoms! mostly with a lil bit of touch hiphop. gosh, i think i saved like around $70 bucks if compared to buying both bottoms at their original price. && my mum says im turning tomboy. lols~

homed after that! and yes yes yes, for the past 6-7 days i slept at 5am+ ! im nocturnal nocturnal nocturnal! lols. okay, after this i'm going to disconnect my comp already! as to why i am missing,

continue to scroll downwards! :DDD

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