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i remember i was still sprawling over the floor with my amaths textbooks and some worksheets, while waiting for time to pass until maybe around 1.50! who knows my mum came out of her room and told me " ehh why you still here? 2.07 already lei " lols! chua tio cann. luckily when i got downstairs just nice there's a cabb. haha. cause we have to reach school by 2pm.

cchy is dumb. why cant they just open the back gate ? arghh. i guess only the front gate was open and the only bus there is 812. if i took 812, i think i would need half an hour to get to school luh. take cab 5min guarantee you reach. LOL. its not im so rich lor... but im just lazy!

AMaths Paper

hahah. well, the paper was MANAGABLE! phew* some questions i did before one can! its like exactly that same question which i was doing the other day.. okay lahhs, some marks flew due to my dumbness and carelessness. was much easier than the practice papers which vijay usually gives us. or was it due to the fact that i studied? HAHAs!

pretty happy that mr goh and other teachers had sum-ed up what to study for the upcoming paper2. took off one big load off me! hmmmms, thats about it. ((((((:


anyways, 3 papers down already.. geography is up tomorrow. i think im in a big mess for this. although u guys might say that "aiya geog easy one lahhs" but.. I CANT grasp the concept for the human geography - FOOD! food i hate you. development is much easier.

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Zhiyan- haha thanks! your exams is also around the corner righhts?

Prince- yup yupps! haha :x

Shawn- ahh duey.. i was forced! and of course wait until the ashes sink to the bottom then drink CLEAN water lahhs! 3tablespoons only. hahahaha. how you gonna cut? lalala~ you will be sad cause u will have lesser things to do. i help you kill your boredom lei! :DDD

Homie- you grave robber. LOL. gambateh too :D

[next up Geography..]

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