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hmms, i guess i better finish whatever i have to blog first, cause tmr i'll be busy and i guess ALOT more pictures are coming in! :DDD

1) Graduation Evening
2) BBQ at thew's house!

hahah. i realised his mum and anne bbq skills are so darn good! hahah. licks fingers* okok, enough of these, went back school today for PHYSICS and ENGLISH remedial. didnt really felt like going for english. after all its not really compulsory. so, i slowly go to school when i woke up quite early. hahah. i think i was late for 50mins, and i just told her i overslept :x hehs.

anyways, went to classroom and realised our classroom had been vandalised by other people who came to our class for consultation ytd. lol. this guy IS despo. anyways, provided entertainment for us. hahah.

this person think about sex, think until the sky. HAHAH. funny lahs.

wahah. anyway, im so happy i didnt got called down for the intensive physics remedial. hehs. its for people who got 75 and below for the prelim II. think i got 76 or 77. then i super worried he'll still call me lahs! guess what i did? i hid behind sy deardear's chair. LOL. squat there till he change topic then i went to sit down. hahah.

went to LJS to eat! :DDD talked alot of things as usual, before heading home :D

tell me why.
why my heart could sense.
stepping among the crowd,
i suddenly felt the vibes.
i felt your presence;
i saw your shadow.

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Homie- tsk tsk. how you want me to believe u. hahaha.

Andy - sure sure! soon :D since when i pian ni. hahah

Inez- ouch ouch. pain ok! YOUR TAGBOARD IS SO PRETTY! hahah!


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