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so im gonna post my my my pictures! wahaha.

hahaha. was listen to Yes933 these few days. got something about the 215 de yue1 ding4. its super nice lahhs! its sort of a story.. 29th episode today. last episode tomorrow! should be around 10.30pm!

&& yes, i think i've decided to DISCONNECT my comp from saturday onwards till thursday. arghhh. im sacrificing my blog and and something else. cant say, cause mr lee reads my blog. sniffs*

and all of a sudden, i dont know why, i became fearful of amaths. from the girl who once aimed for an A1 in Amaths, i now fear that i might not even get a B4. ): my L1R5s and R4s are going to suffer. i dont know why, seriously, that i suddenly lost so much confidence in it. i went through my papers today by marking them, red crosses are almost all over the page. argh. i know that as long as i practice more, it will improve. but.. my confidence is gone. argh. instead im more confident with my biology, a subject which i hated most after chemistry.

What's wrong with me ?!

O lvls is creeping by. gosh. English im worried cause i have to get an A2 which is no easy task! although geog is an easy subject for all, but i have no confidence in it as well! all thanks to my elective teacher(S) during my sec3 times. the times when basics of geog are taught. can you believe, during my whole of sec3 life, i had a change of TEN [ T-E-N ] teachers, until a permanant one, Mr Stanley Lim came in. but... argh. instead, i feel that ss is more easy lo. T.T

What's wrong with me ?!

&& what wonderful thing, i've been sleeping at 5am for the past consecutive nights. hahaha. its super irritating you know! cause i cant fall asleep before that. must be used to sleeping late already. and the matter is made worse by the crows. arghh. i tell you, they wake up EXACTLY at 5am one lor. i got see the time ok. hahaha. argh.

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Homie : aye. what what what! im gonna tell heart to whack u! hahah

Weifeng : well.. you're sec 2 now rights.. you better enjoy lo. hahaha. sec3 and sec2 is a BIG change. i think is the biggest change in the area of pressure from teachers. seriously, im speaking from experience. esp the first two months of sec3. cannot tahannn ar! when you come to sec3, you'll think that sec2 is so slack.. then you'll say " aiya, should have enjoyed myself then " hahaha. its like that. jiayous ok! :DD

Andy : ohya hor. haven link. hahahaha. well, ok lo. im getting murdered by books.

Elephant : hahah how you gonna pollute with insects! gosh gosh. i ask tiger eat you ar! ahahah. who then cry like xiaomeimei. arghhh

Zhiyan : nope nope! never camo my hair ok. if camo you can see from the shoulders there already. hehe :x well welll, i've give bob hair a thought when i feel like cutting short! hahaha. wait a moment.. you mean you dont like my current look?! *stares at you.

Shawn : what what?! did i?! must be my twin sister lahhs! hahaha. im not cheeky! you you BUTTERCUP!

Joseph : ohh hihi. hahas :D

[ 4days ] *screams

oh yes oh yes. blog counter, jump more jump more! and to my readers, if you HAPPEN to be the 20,000th visitor, dont mind help me ss then send me can?! wahahaha. ok im acting dumn again.. cheap thrill, like as what inez says. T.T

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