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im a lil vain but there's nothing you can do about it. HAHA!
i found this picture lying among my picture which i wonder why i had left out the other time.

okay laa. im bored. although there's this thick pile of physics worksheets calling and screaming my name jaslin tan across the room. and seriously, i mean a PILE.

hahah. i feel super sinful now cause im still using the comp. and infact i was reading people's blog for 2hours straight! and its like only two to three blogs lor. read archives. hahaha. ok dont ask me why but sometimes their (the bloggers) posts are interesting lor! hmm, to me, maybe?

chanced upon on this TypicalBen's blog and he's currently selling away his Samsung i8 secondhand at $200. i like the looks of the camera! white okayyyy! as in, it gives a different feel from what other cameras give me.

and since im not so into cameras, i dont know if $200 is worth the deal
which comes with the full packaging and an extra battery.

anyway.. my dad has yet to give me my bdae present! grins* im pretty sick of posting pictures of just 2megapixels with everything looking so grainy.

any kind soul out there to help me on this?

specifications about this camera is here!


okay getting back on track, im like rottting my day away. i seriously pray that mr lee doesnt reads this, else i'll sure get a preaching on monday. oh, its tomorrow.

&&& im thinking of a change in blog skin againnnnnn. :DDD im starting to get a little bit bored by yellowness. hahaha. think i'll have to hop everywhere to get new ideas! but now.. im still contemplating between a black or white background for my post. arghh. im damn dumb when it comes to html codes!
but of course, all these shall only be done till after my Os are officially over.

and yes, maybe i'll start to post my pictures in full size. depends laa. but still, a revamption is needed!

okays, gtg already.


you'll know who my lover is if you're smart enough laa! :D

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