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alright, i think its gonna be a LONGGGGGGGGG post! i guess i shall skip some of the stuffs which i did over the last 2 days! anyways, dont kan chiong okay, i know you like me to be a witch tonight but im still gonna blog tills in accordance to the time of the day!

anyways, before i go on ranting about today's stuffs, i must firstly apologise for not updating and worse, not replying tags. haha. but hope you guys can understand that my mood really fluctuates alot during my exam period (disappointment and blah) and the time which i really have to set aside for my studies. you see, im having biology today and that explains my mugging. yahh .

actually, i wasnt really mugging. i think i deserve a slap. LOL. instead of going straight back home to mug for biology after Emaths paper, i went to causeway with the sec5s. (oops!) wanted to eat only, walk walk go home but they suddenly mentioned watching High School Musical 3. hahaha. im dying to watch that but yet im worrying about how little time im left with my biology.

but still, since when did jaslin didnt gave in to temptations? of course i went to watch! (double opps!)hahah. with 12 other people i think. watched till around 4+ and headed home! i think im gonna be killed if any teachers saw this. :x

High School Musical III.

hmmms, i guess i shant elaborate much about this storyline or blah. google and yahoo are there for a reason :b to me, if you like the usual sing, dance and musical movies this can be a light-hearted one. im not gonna give my rating for this. heh. you guys can always hop around to see the reviews which other people had wrote!
anyways, one tip, - dont go off straight after the show ends. there are NG parts behind which are quite funny. ((:

yupp thats about it. cut short cut short fast foward. :x and yahh went home to be a pig and slept till 8pm. started revising only at 10pm when school ends around 11am that day. well, I HAD studied way beforehand for this paper. that explains why im not rushing myself into mugging. as usual, stayed till 5am before i went to sleep.

Emaths Paper 2

well, this paper was relatively easy, although its still a wee bit harder than paper 1. regarding the time allocated for this paper, i think its pretty short. cause i had no chance to check any of my work! right from the start of the paper im already at a speed which is faster than my average. blah. moderation please dont pull me too low. btw, i even saw people returning graph papers to examiners at the end of the paper! scary .__. cause this meant that they skippped the whole graph paper which sums up to about 10% of the overall mark?

Biology Paper 2

well, its the paper that im sitting today. YES YES YES. GOD ANSWERED MY PRAYYER! muacks! for those who take biology, you guys should know that the theme on cells devision genes, heredity and DNA are the hardest topics, we usually get freaked out by them. and and guess what? NONE OF THE QUESTIONS CAME OUT!

*screams and jump around* most of the questions are pretty surface-type. if you get what i mean. however, i still forgot some of the scientific terms and blah . but im happy that the chapters i liked came out. :b

the whole hall was opened for just the 40 of us! haha. cause we are the only biology candidates in cchy. tsk tsk. ahhh whatever. im hoping for a B3. please please, grant me a B3.


after paper we all headed back to class for a little SS pep talk from mr lim. haha. well, actually nothing much. he's just repeating everything he always SAYS. so i guess, just give us mental support or something. and while waiting for him, the gays in our class are up to action as usual laa .

see, still got ninja turtle. HAHA. laughed our ass off :x

anyways, do you guys remember a picture which i've posted some days ago saying " our school got artistic? " then i showed you guys a white wall with some brown and blue shadings. guess what?


hahah. this painting gave us a little pleasant surprise when we went back class today! isnt it pretty?! :DD i mean, from just a few blue and brown shadings done by chalk, it transformed into this!


hahaha i know you guy's been waiting for this! come on, admit it. LOL. well, for the past 15years of my halloween, i usually spend the day slacking everywhere and sometimes i didnt even know THAT DAY was a halloween day.

received deyi's invitation to his house to celebrate halloween after school. so, i thought it was just a NORMAL PARTY. and since i'll be going in my school shoes, i see no need to bring any nice clothes laa! just heard from sy deardear to bring a black dress/top. since that deyi didnt inform me anything much.

so.. i just brought a cant be more casual CASUAL black tee. of course, go fren's hse eat eat play play. wear FBT sld be ok laa. thats what i thought. went his house and his mother had prepared a spread for us (including deyi's cousins and siblings). seriously his mother's cooking skills is like superb laa.

and who knows, after eating, they started to talk about "GOING SOMEWHERE". i was like "huh go where?" "go that place do what?" okay la. pardon my kuku-ness (as quoted from ash), its me, shiyun and kaiting's first time celebrating Halloween.

and so, its about dressing up, going around knocking on people's door for trick and treat. his mother insist that i cant wear my black tee and purple FBT and so,.. she went to dig out alot of costumes for me! mostly were oversized for me. but she found one that's around my size. so that settles it. COUPLED WITH A WITCH HAT! the auntie even said that " wahh now you really look like a witch " hahah.

kaiting and sy brought along their own dresses. so, yahh .

oops, btw did i miss out that some guys from our class went also? :DD like junping, sam, junhao jianwei && guanchiap. deyi dress until so gothic, but nice. :D so most of us in our costumes (i must admit that some of the guy's are nice) and we headed out with BAGGS!

deyi, sy, me, kaiting.

i bent my legs so my hat doesnt cover their face! not i shortt!

pardon my phone's lousy camera.

yeap, off we went to a place near deyi's woodgrove condo. that place alot of bungalows, and LOTS AND LOTS OF PEOPLE! everyone was dressed up, and that place full of ang-mohs! i shall slowly tell you guys more in detail later. :D

okay it goes like this. we are supposed to go to people's houses (all opened) and shout/say "TRICK OR TREATTT" at first we were very shy. dont dare say. who knows we got more and more high over it and went around shouting TRICK OR TREATTT or HAPPY HALLOWEEEN! and yes. this place is where the ang-mohs mostly live, and their house is like so god-damned big! some even has a BIG fountain outside, swimming pools and etc. each of the design of their houses varies from house to house. quite an eye opener. ok im a mountain tortise i know. :x

anyways, lots and lots of people were there. all running around. all dressed up, like witches, angels, the incredibles and many many laa. i even saw one guy who dressed up like the IRON MAN! you know, just a plain tee and at the chest there got LED lights! darn cool. and and saw alot shuai angmohs ar! next time marry one angmoh and i'll be happy! LOL. obviously, im kidding.

there are lots and lots of units and bungalows downthere. and the thing is that every house were decorated for Halloween! some even changed the place outside their door into a small ghost house. the last picture i posted with the clown's face, that's the coolest in my opinion. you go inside there, got quite alot of decorations lying around. like corpses, pumkins, severed hands and legs and one person standing on a elavated platform giving out sweets! from time to time, this person will give out a very loud and sharp scream which sends all the kids squealling and shouting. fun!

cut short, walk alot of places for about 2hours! our legs were aching by then and our hands are starting to get tired cause our bag with sweets became heavier and heavier! headed back to deyi's hse after finishing walking everywhere. hahah. pretty late by then as most units had finished giving out sweets :b

okay, dont compare height!!! haha. deyi btw

sy, kaiting and me~


why am i always the DOOOOO~

DO-RE-MI-FAA again. at the doorstep. :D

Group photo. :D think you cant find me. ahahha.
special highlight : look at kaiting's costume for the night!

with masquerade's mask! of cus, with a wig :D super sexy looking. XD

hanged around for awhile before i cabbed home. too tired to take mrt and bus already, cause i need to change 3 times of transport!


&& its alot okkay! imagine, usually each household would only give you ONE candy when you go and ask for trick or treat, with some kids giving 2-3 each time. this is the amount of candies i got at the end of the day!

now, ESTIMATE how many units we've knocked upon on their doors! these sweets made me so happy cause some of them i've yet to see them in the market! :DD oh and if you do not know, i have a sweet tooth :b

i've got alot more that i wannna sayyy! random points, angmohs are so nice! :DDDD && friendly. ahhhh* fantasizes about an angmoh bf. HAHA. kidding laa. okay, here's a pict of me being witch okay! stare at me somemore i'll turn you into a FROG!

i shall stop here cause im tired of typing already. gosh. lots of tags to be replied!

Replies to tags!

Lawrence- gosh. self proclaimed spam? x.x i have yet to blog abt ur that crappy conversation. haha

Shawn- hahah no laa. was abit busy these days. paiseh! and my mood not good ma! hahaha cheer-ed up. no worries :D and hor, you not buddha lei. too bad. :x

Low- ^^

Jesny- 13nov for me. sob sob. hee. thanks alot anyway!

Prince- hahaha. np! :b yup yuppp, few more days to go only. i wanna go Flesh Imp work!

Homie- ohhh. urs also hard? yours is combined or pure ar? i forgot :x

Emily- oops. hahaha. now we can only pray for moderation luh. :b and ohya, gogo for your core geog and paper 1s! :DD ♥

Zhiyan- hmm hopefully. but the smart alex(s) in other school may bring the whole average score up! ): see how le luh. hee.

Jon- gosh. you xiao di ! hahaha. thanks. you too ah! :D

Elephant- hahahah. blah blah blah. you dragonfly. hahah. jy for ur remaining papers also!

Jasmine- hmmms, but also no choice lei. ): those dumb questions. ahhhh! so angry!

YunHui- hee thanks sd! will gogo de. hahah

LL- huh LL, you take O lvls this year also? wait.. i know a few LLs.. mind leaving your name? :D paiseh i blur. x.x

Cass- thanks! :DD

Fabian- hahah you're forever so high! will presson de laa. my sniper also rotting alr! waiting for ur archer. hahah.

[9papers down, 5more to go]

im a step nearer to my freedom as each day passes! :D


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