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(wordy post for today)
tomorrow's gonna be the last day of school before my 2 weeks study break comes!
wheee! but then again, that would mean O lvls are getting nearer and nearer. roarrrrr.
anyways, shall blog about ytd first. (((: thou im abit late,


haha, yesterday i typed a selemat hari raya message want sent to yoonghin one. but.. i realised i dont have his handphone number!!!! rawrrr. cannot suan him. hahaha.

anyways, I WOKE UP AT 3.15PM YTD! hahah. when i woke up i still thought was 12+. then i looked at the clock, and i thought my clock spoil lahhs! hahah. nevermind. did some cleaning of my room and went for dinner already. no breakfast no lunch. hahaha. studied bio, audi-ed a little and slept!


rawrrrrr. now and then i black outs on me, and the displays things are all RED in colour! no matter what theme i change. everything so disorientated.
SOME SMSes ALSO NEVER RECEIVE! okay lahhs. got receive. but a few times message come in, i unlock keypad, and POOF! ---> blank. took ages to restart my phone and the message never came in again.

im sorry sorry if you did sms me but i never reply D: message was lost. thats not the worst of all.
the worst thing is, I CANT TALK ON PHONEEEEEEE. somehow when i picked up / call someone, there's no sound one. even if i use earpiece with mouth piece also no use! can only use loudspeaker lahs! boohoooooooooos. my warranty is just over and i need to tahan 7 more gruelling months with this spoilt phone! D:

although my dad has yet to got me my very VERY belated birthday present, i cant possibly ask him to get me a 2nd hand phone or something. my mum forbids me from keeping contact with my dad, so i'll have a HARD TIME explaining the origins of the phone if i got a new one. arghh.

this morning, was told that Mr. Vijay's mother had just passed away and he had went back to India to oversee the funeral and stuffs. :/ felt so sorry for him. its like he himself is taking up a job in singapore while his mother is back in his hometown of India. Its like so sudden that his mother passed away, and all he could do is only go back to have a last look. hope he'll be fine! :D

earlier on this month if im not wrong, Mr. Lee's father had also passed away. :/ the teacher who tries to drop cold jokes on us everyday, laughing with us. the next day, his father had passed away. oh wells.. : hope he's fine by now. (:
hahas. that time mr lee still joke with me ask why i never send him message of concern. hahah.

wells, wanted to, but it keep slips out of my mind. As for me personally, i've never really felt the existence of my dad :/ i come from a single-parent family. for half of the 16 years i've stepped foot on earth, i have to learn to be independent on myself. which is another good thing if you look from another P.O.V. xD

okay okay, back to school life. hahah. today after school showed mr chang, mr lee and mrs choo our 9min class video. hahah. about students acting as teachers. had a good laugh lo. LOL. after that as the rest of the class left, wanted to go eat with sy deardear one. but since she has some questions to consult mr chang, i wait for them lo.

wait wait wait they still didnt have a chance to ask. even got time to take out my biology textbook study. read read read, alot people still asking. i even fell asleep on the science lab table! LOL. ALOHA!! they finally finished their enquires TWO hours later. x.x

so,.. had my lunch at 4+ when school ended at 1.30 today. LOL. ate at kfc before headed to burger king to mug~ :D homed around 8! wahaha. tommorow's last day of school.
im HAPPY HAPPY HAPPPY! means i can study until super late into the night and wake up in late afternoons. hahah.

AND WHAT JOY! ms wong bringing us out to dinner at Clark Quey tomorrow! hahah. she wanted to thank us for the help we rendered during school universary where we all become waiters and waitresses. william also wanna treat us to PEKING DUCKKK!!! rich rich rich. wahaha. YAY! staying out late tmr~ think will have alot of picts to update! :DDDDDDDDD

haha. blog till here first! :D

OK OK, i know my blog is wordy and you DIDNT READ EVERY WORD! roarrrrr.
just kidding. hehe. blog for myself one, not for you. lalala. ~ :b


Andy- rawrrrrrr. dont want use my fingers lahs. use yours kay! :D

Jasmine- hahaha. that's scary! rawrrrr. 18 days!

Fabian- hahah. stressed! but gearing up nicely, no worries! :D

Shawn - hey hey hey! hahah. okays, thanks alot! :DDDDD you also lahhs, dont sleep during class. tsk!

Peggie- ohhhh. okkays! hahah. yea lo, dance dance dance! D: shall we come back for alumni dancee? :D hehe.

Homie- tsk what tsk! bang your head against wall ar. hahaha. XD

[18 days!]

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