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anne giving speech

Service Award [prefect]

Colours Award (Dance)


I've officially graduated from Chung Cheng High Yishun!

went to school around 4 to collect blazers and to get ourselves in order. donned our prefect uniform which i presume it to be our last chance to wear it. hahas. anyways, the whole graduation was full of prize-presentation, speeches and videos. :D many teared also.

and as what inez had said, we all went crazy during the sing along session for Auld-Lang-Syne and most shocking, the SCHOOL SONG! hahah. i guess that's the 2nd time i actually sang it. i remember the first time was when during sec1s, the teachers drilled the song into us. haha.

camwhored alot afterthat! :DDD but since my mum was in school as well and im heading for a bbq ltr on, i left early :DDD received two plaques! :DDD one of which the Service Award(prefect) and the CCA Colours Award. (dance)

For the four years in CCHY, each and everyone of us saw ourselves grow. from an immature 13year old girl, with long skirts and high socks, i've grown into what i am today. i've definitely learnt many big and small things, stuffs about friendship and relationship. but just as we've really bonded together, its time for us to bid farewell.

i'll miss the times when sy or i waited for each other at the bustops, hearing the tcher's ramblings after the recess bell, running away from mrs sim, chionging for the school gate in the morning, the sai-kangs we prefects did tgt.

also, the times we quarrelled,
the times we teared,
the times we laughed,
the times when we all went through thick and thin.

right now, its the big exam that's facing us. in less than 10days, exams will be commercing. lets all buck up and put our best foot forward and finish this race. ♥

(&& thanks to ama darling and anne for the little presents!)


BBQ at Matthew's condo! hahah. went home changed and headed stright out. think i reached there around 8+ or 9. managed to start the fire successfully only at 10pm! freaking oh my tian. was supposedly to reach home by 11pm, but since the bbq like just started and not all food has yet to be barberqued, i requested to extend the time to 12mid lo.

anyways, gotta thank samuel for buying the Famous Amos Cookie-Cake! hahah. it tastes superb lo i tell you. and just for this he said its around 30+ bucks! :O hahaha. and also, some of the guys biked to 7-11 to buy some alcholic drink. sld be around 12% alcohol content. hahha.

all of them poured on cups and we yam-senged darn loud when its like 11pm+ lahhs! hahah. tio complain. hehs. since i dont drink alcoholic drinks ( or rather i dont like, its so smelly that even jolly sandy is a no-no for me ) i yam-senged with PEPSI! hahahah. think chingyuk and samuel also drank pepsi. XD and ohya, of cus, we got complained by the residents x.x

stayed till around 11.50pm before i chionged home! die die have to reach home by 12midnight. bo bian, no bus, cabbed home. hahaha. reached home at 00.00. im on the dot!


went out today to plaza sing for my audi guild / Fam-outing. :DDDD

was meeting them at 1pm, so headed out around 12noon. while i got to the Mrt station its like darn crowded lahhs! then i realised that people were not allowed to go into the station. and the police was like shouting : STAY TO ONE SIDE! STAY TO ONE SIDE!

hmmms, i suppose it to be an accident or something. i was still wondering was there anyone who had jumped onto the platform which disrupted the train service. and when i took out my phone and tried taking pict of the enormous crowd, tata, one person was wheel-ed through the crowd. didnt catch a good glance at what happened to the man, as they covered him from neck downwards with towels.

and the whole place is like full of people! both sides alot alot alot people that formed one whole line to the escalator there. bad news came soon after : train heading for Marina Bay is unavailable. only the train to Jurong East. arghh.

since im heading for plaza sing i cant be taking that line and go one big round lahhs! tried finding alternatives to go there and i just realised. WHY IS PLAZA SING SO UNACCESSIBLE. i mean, there isnt any bus which heads there directly from yishun. argh. my bro told me to take a cab and the queue is SUPER LONG.

scared that i'll be late lahhs. outside still got fire engine, one ambulance and i think 4-5 police cars. arghh. moreover, no cab was coming in! stood there for awhile and suddenly, i realised that surrounding not so much people already. hahaha. thus i went back to the station to see. and as i expected, train service resumed! thank god lo. ==

thought i was late and chionged down to plaza sing. they said to meet at 7-11. and there are three 7-11s there! lols. and since the other guild mates i had not met them before (only saw their pict), i got abit blur of who was who. hahah.

met up with rg, cresentia, and their fren first become homie and angie came along. :DDD i think we stood outside the Everbest shoe shop for 1hour++ (T.T)before bobo called! she finally reached. hahah. she was with yunhui and terrence thou. :D shall skip the details!

shadows of us

had lunch and we went to pool again! :DDD hahah. the first two picts are bobo and rg. hahah. they were having a bet that whoever loses will have to donate a hundred thousand dens to the Fam Bank. hahah. funny.

played till around 5+ before we headed out. met up with Ash before we went to the backlane (or rather not, aiya just across the road) to have tea at Mr Beans or something lahhs! a cafe :D chatted all the way to 8pm lo. haha. long rights!

chatted about quite a few stuffs. though mostly were very quiet. so unlike their audi-self! hahah. people like rg was darn shy. hahaha. but i clicked well with angie and shadan, i guess. other than bobo and ash lahs! hahah. & bobo was like snapping picts of everyone!

was told to go home early as i have been out these two days. headed home around 8! was tired till i almost slept (while standing) in the train. hahaha. and tata, here i am blogging! :D bobo's an avid reader of my blog! hahah. touched lei!


here you go! :DDDDD 4H`08 Graduation Video

as i've promised, here's the Original Copy of my class 4H`08's Graduation Video
:DDD this is the 5min + one, not the cut-short one. hahaha.



Replies to tags :

Zhiyan- ohhh. i see. :x anyways, how's your preparations for your upcoming exams alr? :D

Low- hmm? why pray. haha

Andy- lalal. got confidence then good! hahaha. okay!

Vanessa- ohhh. hahah. this you have to fumble around de uh. ^^ but mostly i set the Contrasts only :DD

Homie- rawrrrrrrrr. today i never bite u ok! hahah

Shawn- hahaha. okok, i didnt laugh. LOL. but still, its so lame! hahah

Inez- what! im not chao spammer. im XIANG one ok! got bathe. hahaha. my tagboard is overflooding with love! hahah

Anne- yep yep i like it! thanks alot alot! :DDDD

time to use your fingers to count.

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