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well well, i know im not supposed to be blogging right now, given that i've said i would go MIA rights! hahas. but temptations got the better hold of me.
and i have alot of things up my mind!

firstly, to clarify matters, i hadnt been lying! i DID disconnect my comp. hahah.

doesnt it looks so compact? what you can see is just the monitor screen, my CPU and my keyboard and a small adapter. (if you can see)

yupp, that makes up my mini desktop. LOL.
yada yada, i know it suits my size. roar!

in comparison to show the size of it. hahah. okay stop eyeing those rubbish lying on my table and unconnected wires. im not an exactly all-neat girl!

as the day of my first O lvl paper approaches, time seemed to pass so fast yet so slow. fast in a way that from months to weeks, from weeks to days. as time flies, it took us with it, leaving a bare minimum of just hours away. && also, slow in a way that I STILL HAVE TO MANY PAPERS TO CLEAR! 14, fourteen, to be exact =/

i slept at 5am+ this morning, and i woke up from my beauty sleep at a surprising hour - 8am in the morning. i had even set the alarm clock to 10am for fear of sleeping til afternoon; the time when the sun had already lit up every nook and corner of my yishun town. there were times when even i slept til 4pm!

i think i must have been a long time ever since i took a good look at my room. one word to describe all - rubbish bin. -.- dont laugh! stacks and stacks of books, sweet wrappers, and pieces of paper lying all over the floor. im not kidding, neither am i exaggerating. haha. i nearly emptied my cupboard so as to dig out all the worksheets and notes which i had kept over the years, just for this bloody exam.

dont ask me why i like to use the word bloody to describe this. cause i just like it. HAHA.

yea you see, i study too much and now my brain is filled to the brim with letter formats, useful phrases, speeches and good essays. yes yes, tomorrow im sitting for the English GCE O lvl paper. and for those comments on my work which ms teng had left for me, what seemed like crap months ago, i had turned to worshipp them overnight. dearly.

its time to make good friends with the buddha's leg.

i had just cleared some worksheets. piles and stacks of them. each of them awaiting to greet to the bin once each paper has been cleared. wahaha.

well i know my writing style for today's post is pretty abnormal. hahaha. not like the usual ongoing rantings. cant blame. now my hands are ITCHING FOR AN ESSAYY. arghhh. paper please come faster.

and for these few days, i feel like a complete mess! in a way that my timing are all jumbled up. that includes my sleeping hours, lunch hours and etc. if im not wrong, im having just one meal a day and im munching away on snacks in the wee hours of the morning. my weight had dropped back to 38kg since. im pretty happy over the fact that i had never ever once suffered from gastrics. hahah.

and can you believe, i went to have a nap around 1+ this afternoon and woke up at around 7pm. T.T now im blogging away again in the midnight, where time seem to be just 9pm in the night. im fully wide awake! its time for me to change my sleep habits, argh.

anyways, i shall blog till here.
tmr's paper is 2pm in the afternoon and it stretches all the way till 7pm, not forgeting the breaks. wish me luck!

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Andy- hahah you dont steal my line! roarr.

shawn- then in that case im also not and will never ever be one too. hahah!

Inez- hahaha you also work hard lahhs! JYJY! loveees! and yes! play real hard. LETS GO OUT. i want see u in a skirt and heels! wahaha

Passer- err, i used the Windows Movie Maker programme which had already been pre-installed in my comp. & im using windows vista. ((: hope its of some help.

Zhiyan- im not too sure! hahah but i know there's alot more by the bend. x.x

Carrol- im doing fineeee sweetie! haha. haved you changed your link? ((:

Fabian- hahah so little chance that i see you online! hahah. thanks thanks! and hoh, dont kick me lahhh! painn!

Anne- hahah lucks to you too! jiayous jiayous~


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