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The affirmed taste and smell of freedom in the air sure tastes superb! as quoted from celesta, its finger-lickin good!

its time to let down my hair and play hard, cos the



somehow its indescridable and i cant put it down in words! its like no matter how i try to describe it, it will ultimately do the feeling of freedom injustice.

simply big YAYS!

and yes, you must be wondering why i posted these pictures of the Yishun Mrt station.

after the paper, went to had breakfast at burgerking! wanted to go straighten my hair again at Nicolette's auntie's house in marsling. but then the auntie said she wont be free today cause she gotta help lots of girls do their hair for their prom night!

with nowhere to go, we went to mrt station to see where we shall go. we spent like almost an hour standing infront of this board thinking where to go! keep on point point point. the board must be full of scratches from our fingernails.

and somehow, from the angle where im standing, the place gave me a very different feeling from before. haha. anyways back to topic, since i only had 2hours of sleep (due to gaming late at night) i pangsehed them! okay okay, first time alrights?! so shiyun and kaiting went to harborfront. and we realised the extention LRT map has lots of funny places!

for example, we saw FarmWay, Oasis, Coral Edge and etc. hahaha. they shiyun was saying, if harborfront got boring, they'll go down farmway to see if there are any farms. LOL.

anyways, im gonna go do my hair tomorrow in the afternoon! haven really planned tmr's activities. since shiyun and kaiting may not want to come out as they wanna hibernate. hmmms, any takers !?


im sure some of you guys had saw this news! perhaps im late or slow, but i only know about it until my mum told me!

on surfing the net, i found this article!

Man dead in Singapore Zoo tiger mauling.

Three rare White Tigers mauled a man to death after he "jumped" into a moat surrounding their enclosure at the Singapore Zoo today as visitors and co-workers watched in horror.

The man was identified as Nordin bin Montong, 32, a Malaysian national who had been a zoo cleaner.

A zoo statement said the "contract worker jumped into the moat at the White Tiger exhibit and was attacked by the three white tigers" at 12.15pm.

"This created a commotion, which attracted the attention of a keeper who was nearby. Simultaneously, other keepers went to the exhibit to distract the tigers in a bid to rescue the worker," the statement said.

Terrified visitors near the exhibit screamed as they realised that the big cats had attacked Mr Nordin. The workers managed to separate the fatally wounded Mr Nordin from the tigers, and vets applied first aid until an ambulance arrived at 12.45pm.

Paramedics pronounced the victim dead from injuries mainly to his head and neck.
The Straits Times news website said the dead man started working at the zoo in June. He is believed to have been assigned to clean a separate exhibit on Thursday and was not supposed to be in the tiger enclosure.

The zoo in the statement expressed its heartfelt condolences to the worker's family and said it will 'provide his family with whatever assistance they need during this period.'

Police and the zoo are investigating the incident.
As a precautionary measure, the White Tiger exhibit has been closed temporarily.

i still thought my mum was kidding or perhaps she got the news from some unreliable sources. who knows it turned out to be real lor! poor zookeeper.

p/s. andy ar, dont worry im gentle & i dont bite. LOL


Now now, enough of tigers already! back to my blog skinn!

As promised, i changed a new blogskin once my O lvls ended. had enough of yellow and i decided to go grey! somehow i like the overall feel and look! but but... its a bit dull. wanted to go for a white background for my posts but then, it doesnt looks nice with the grey background.

guess i still have to consult people regarding some of the html codes. i dont really like a plain grey background, but im still sourcing for one that i like!

regarding the things written on my sidebar, i decided not to disclose too much of my information there. but oh wells, see how then! (: i'll be changing the playlist of my blog either today or tomorrow. cause there's too much stuffs waiting for me!

what do you guys think about this skinn?
is this one better or my previous one?
leave me constuctive comments if you have any!

im still an amatuer in this field afterall. (:

Replies to tags!

Kaixun- aiyoo.. you all ar, hardcore gamblers! hahaha nvm im one also! LOL. its ok, never go genting?

Anne- thanks! and its overrr already!!

Homey- gosh i think i'll vomit sooner or later cause you're so lame!

Weifeng- thanks! enjoy your camp!

Zhiyan- ohhh. mine ended as well! happy happy!

Night- everyone starts with no knowledge in the first place ma. can always learn!

Andy- its pretty obvious i changed a skin right?! or else u go wrong web already. hahah. i haven do finish my blog you already tag liaos. haha

[p/s] by the way, i tore my entry proof into bits right after the examiner collected my paper and chucked them into the bin at the door of the examination hall!

yes and i mean, bits.

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