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Gosh. Did you guys see what happened to friendster?

friendster lost their database and now about 85~90% of your friends are gone! i've asked around and everyone says the same.
now from hundreds of friends i'm left with just a handful of about 33! crap =\

friendster is lousy.

anyways, sorry for no updates as im still waiting for some pictures! had an audition guild outing yesterday at plaza sing. (((: met up for lunch, watched the Quantian Of Solace and went abit of pooling, followed by dinner and homed!

i think i shall blog a short post today cause there's no pictures and i think its boring. LOL. :x
and yes, inezzzzzzz! where's my shopping trippp?! hahaha

Replies to tags!

Andy- lollll. although ye mao and tiger belong to same family, but ye mao does not evolve into tiger lor! u and ur rubbish!

Katherine- hahaha. sec 2 wont stress one! wait till sec3.. really BOOM. 180 degrees change. more homework more assignments more stress! ):

Homey- hahaha dont make laa! why dont u go blogskins.com find? more choices!

Mao- haha happening then good ma! well.. prom for our school was cancelled off in the end. school unwilling to pay anything and in the end the cost per person was pretty high. nobody wanted to go! )):

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