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i chanced upon something while hopping!
forgot is from whose blog but i shall credit it to #lovefio (:

How Men Change.

Girls, enjoy! :DD

The Love Word:
After 6 weeks: I looo-ve you, I love you, I love you!
After 6 months: Of course, I love you.
After 6 years: GOD, if I didn't love you, then why did I marry you?

Back from Work:
After 6 weeks: Honey, I'm home!
After 6 months: I'm BACK!!
After 6 years: Have you cooked yet?

Phone Ringing:
After 6 weeks: Baby, somebody wants you on the phone.
After 6 months: Here, it's for you.
After 6 years: ANSWER THE PHONE DAM*T!!

After 6 weeks: I never knew food could taste so good!
After 6 months: What are we having for dinner tonight?
After 6 years: DUMPLING AGAIN??

New Dress:
After 6 weeks: Wow, you look like an angel in that dress.
After 6 months: You bought a new dress again?
After 6 years: How much did THAT cost me?

After 6 weeks: Baby, what would you like us to watch tonight?
After 6 months: I like this movie.
After 6 years: I'm going to watch PIRATES play, if you're not in the mood, go to bed, I can stay up by myself!

Making Love:
After 6 weeks: Baby, I want you tonight?
After 6 months: Lets make another baby, my mother just called!!!
After 6 years: Please MOVE over to your side, I'm suffocating here!!!!

So true eh? Hahaha~

alrights, time for my rantings! hmmms, dont whine! haha. k laa, share spare you tonight cause there's seriously nothing much to blog. do you guys wan to read when i brush my teeth, when i comb my hair, when i eat, when i bathe, when i sleeep?! hahaha.

and ya. back to sleep. zomg i feel like a PIG can. i sleep almost up to 10hours a day! gosh. cause i sleep at 5am +, and if there's nothing up for the next day, i wont set any alarm clock. i need my beauty sleep! XD and, guess what? I WOKE UP AT 3+ today and 4 ytd. lols~

wont be saying what i'm up to, but im definitely not audi-ing. x)

gosh gosh gosh. something random on a sidenote, IM SO GODDA**ED ENVIOUS of other people where their parents agreed to sponsor them money for whatever thing they're gonna do to their hair lor! ^%$(@ okok im not that vulglar. hahah.

my mother still currently expects me to go JC. oh wells, i myself have also yet to make a decision. SO, DYEING HAIR is a strict no-no ! i think she might hit the wall if i even tell her im straightening my hair again. and there she'll go on and on about how im wasting money. so as for that, im paying from my own pocket! my hair length is also not short.. i think it'll cost a bomb since they charge by hair length!

HAIR HIGHLIGHTING!! well, i dont understand why some people highlight their hair again and again and again. girls girls, i mean. its like they highlight colour A. for example, haha. and thennn, a few weeks later they get bored of it and they add on by highlighting it with colour B. ._.
doesnt they know that highlight/rebonding/dyeing of hair for more than twice in 3months is doing alot of damage to their scalps? gosh.

well for me myself i dont really like highlighting. if its just darkbrown , red or less contrasting color, its okay. but if they have a DARK BLACK hair and they highlight colours like GOLD, i dont think its nice. in fact, they give everybody around them an ah-lian feel. well, thats my own perception. i dont know about yours.

but look, lets say you're in a cafe drinking coffee or eating something. and there comes this girl with lots of colour highlights done to her hair, and its like gold, yellow, etc, what would be your first thinking of her? what vibes does she gives you? hahaha.

by the way, im speaking of no one in particular okkay :D i know clarlynn does highlights but her highlights are uber chio okay?

I WANN DYE MY HAIR! [dye, not highlight! xD ] freak freak freak, i dont understand why do i have such a BLACK hair. seriously. you might say "nevermind one what, my hair also black, what's there to complain?"

but but, if we compare just a strand, you can see the difference. lol. my mum is complaining how much black colour i took away from her after she gave birth to me. LOL. ahh whatever. my mum is still pretty against the idea of me dyeing my hair. nevermind, if i've made up my mind to go poly, i sure go dye at the first minute. hahaha.

okay fine im so random tonight. by the way, im having higher chinese paper 1 and 2s tomorrow in the morning. and and, im pretty anxious for it, going by the fact that IM ALWAYS on the borderline between FAILING and PASSING. i can hit the top 5 from the bottom in my higher chinese class. tsk.

ya ya, you may say "aiya~ chinese easy one la! anyhow also can get at least B!"
okay if you're talking about express chinese, i agree with you. but hell no for higher chinese! i got an A1 for my chinese for my O lvls. but when it comes to higher chinese, I ALWAYS GET A FREAKING B4-C6 !

imagine those cloze passage where you can choose 1 answer out of 4choices for 10 questions?
im so intelligent until i got [ 0/20 ] once! and i'll always remember what happened that day.

In class... (translated to english)

Mdm Yeo : "i cant believe, that someone can even get 0 out of 20 for the close passage section"

- class laughs* im also laughing away-

Mdm Yeo :
"you all dont laugh! you know, its not easy to get 0 out of 20 for this section one. one question also never correct when you can choose one out of four"

she continued :
"still laugh, and this person is none other than jaslin!"

ok laa, she never say jaslin. she said my full whole name. LOL. so paiseh can! hahaha and i was still laughing away at that person at the time .___. but too bad, this section is always pulling my whole paper down. worse still, there's still summary which i hate.

hmm that should be about all. im off to study my chinese cause it's 2am now and i've gotta wake up at 6am ltr. hahah. and i've yet to touch my zuo wens. only read through the idioms and etc. cyaas!

*god bless*

Replies to tags:

Lawrence- oooops. paiseh! but but, part of ur blog url also there. nvm laa! :b

Prince- LOL! no need laaa, im already a fan of your blog! hahah. crappy crappy! xD

Celesta- omg omg. envy! hahaha. xD

Fabian- okkay! hahaha. i camp at my friend's guild first lo. x) hahah jy on lvl-ing! :DD and jy for ur science papers~

Chinping- hahah you're not forgotten. i'll always rmb u as that guy who went out to ton when next day there's chemistry paper 1. LOl.

Louis- ooops. lewis hamliton ma! hahaha. paiseh~ really ar, alot people in my school say paper 1 easier. LOL. weird~ hahaha. yupps around 200+ there. 25+ to be exact. :b

Andy- of course! plan very long ago can!
LL- hahaha. you're lagging loner! issit?

Shaun- wahaha okkays! :DDD get inez to plan! xD

Kaixun- hmmm i've yet to raid candy empire. hahaha. no chance go lei. mayb i'll go uncle tidbits first. wahaha.

Weifeng- hahaha. must plan ahead ma! 10 days very fast ZOOM past one. LOl

Shawn- blahhh whatever~ hahah. once a witch & never a witch! hahaha. anyways, thanks for returning that thing ar! aiyo, it was meant for u one laa!

Low- hellllo :D

Anne- hahah you too! rmb ur dictionary! :DD

i lost my ezlink. gosh.
im wondering if i can retrieve it later cause i presume i lost it in the examination hall!


ps: omg i said there's nothing much to blog. but as i write lots of ideas starting pouring into my head, and thus resulting in a wordy post! laughs*

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