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im super exhausted!


went out job hunting with inez, shaun and valerie! its like the second time ever since we went out a billion years ago! :DD okay, i guess this is gonna be a wordy post. oops :x

well anyways, we headed over to the Ritz Carlton Hotel in the early afternoon as valerie and some of them were interested in doing part time jobs for Bouquet. setting up, serving food, waitressing and etc. reached there around 12.15 but we were told to come back at 2pm as it was their lunch hour .____.

with 1hour plus to wait, we decided to find somewhere to sit, while we started drawing circles on the newspaper. OBVIOUSLY, we were scouting for a job over the classified ads. managed to finger out a few but didnt went for any walk-in interview we didnt feel safe about that.

went back to the hotel at 2pm. but before that we were like fools walking around CHIJMES to see if they're hiring. haha. anyways, the manager for Human Resource department sucks lor! ok la, maybe not she, but the hotel is super picky!

To be a part time jober, you must :

#1. No dyed hair (inez dyed her hair)
#2. Hair must be bun-ed up. (my rebonded hair!)
#3. No fringes allowed ($#^&)
#4. Black shoes, beige stockings (uniform provided)
#5. A FREAKING LOW PAY OF $4.50 or $5.

though im not very interested, i did pass my application form to the person. BUT! i was put off by #2 and #3. and so i decided to tell her i withdraw my application. inez started having 2nd thoughts and hence she withdrew hers as well.


went to Orchard afterwards. (((: hahaha. the place i wanted to go. im more interested in sales! (: Flesh Imp is only hiring full time jobers. so sad. and hence we headed back to Far East Plaza!

everywhere we went, its either Not hiring, or hiring Full-time jobers only. .___. okay lahhs, part time jobs offered at one or two shops. but their pay is at a freaking low of $4~$5 per hour. how to live with that! anyways, here's something funny.

we were walking around on the 3rd floor, asking around at any shops which seems DO-ABLE. then they passed by the Milly's hair extension shop, and on the glass panel they wrote they were hiring. so..

Shaun : "ehh, this shop is hiring people who do customer services lei"
Me : *still walking then.. "huh?"
Inez : "ehh, come see come see. maybe can do here lei"

THEN. i realised it's Milly's. LOL. the shop where i did my hair extensions. i was trying to look away cause i saw the guy [who did my hair extension] near the door there, doing hair extension for a customer. BUT HE SAW ME.

okay, he looked pretty stunned, then smiled. eh not bad. he remembered me! LOL. i told inez they all he was the one who helped me do extensions and they were laughing away la! mean. ok la, but they aint hiring anymore people.



went to places like Pasta Mania to try ask for part time jobs. their manager very friendly! (: he said that he would let us work at sunplaza if we join, for our convenience. we agreed to go down to sunplaza for interview tmr but we decided to pangseh them again. LOL. cause their pay is just $4.50 per hour. T.T

ok laa, walked many other places before heading home. didnt manage to find any good jobs, not even at northpoint. may be considering working at City Chain, but that depends =\


haha my mum was like telling me : " ah girl!!! good news!! u got edusave!! see, the money spent on your new handphone is saved " .____.

okay i know its no big deal. since its only for top 25% of the cohort. LOL. guess i blog till here anyways! my mum is harping on me to go JC again! ahhhhs

i dont want
i dont want
i dont want

argh. i know im fickle minded, but the thought off A lvls just sent shivers down my spine.

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Shawn- roarr! 16 is already legal age to work lor! only underaged to drink only! .___. ahbish. what underaged! u think maple is a no-life game cause u never play! hahaha. go play la!

Piggy- ohh. hahas i sees. thanks by the way!! ((:

Germain- ooo. didnt know. hehe. MISSED U too! :D

Lawrence- hahha. life is fineeee! just a bit bored now already. hahaha :x

Zhiyan- ohhh. i asked zhongyi already! hahaha. thanks for telling me!

Andy- wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong!

Jenny- yeapps! u should have came down that day ><

Junqi- heyys! (:

Fabian- LOL. even if hear "diu" sound i wont lose 10% lor! lucky charm is always with me! haha

JZKFTY- ohhh. hi 5 then! hahaha. x)

by the way,..


stupid zookeeper who deprives the ye mao of food one lor! nah nah nah, since ur BELATED birthday i shall be nice to you! must be 18 already rights! ahh should be. i forgot your age. know you old uncle can already. hahah. may ur wishes come true and last long with your wifey! hahaha. im waiting to burn a hole in ur pocket in january ok?!

before you start saying about how hard it is to EARN money.
think of how hard it is to FIND a way to EARN money. -.-

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