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&& i keep sneezing non-stop!

stupid flu bug, i hate you i hate you. dont come knocking on my door. i'll use a broom and chase you out! argh. im staying at home all dayy. cause if i go out, people might mistake me as a drug-addict ._. its been like 343265798 years ever since i fell sick can! roarr.

anyways, im proud to declare my Higher Chinese paper is over!

you have to believe what im gonna say later. haha.

Higher Chinese P1

wells, as i've mentioned before, im having paper1 and paper 2 that morning, so i was supposed to get my ass to school by 7.30am. and and, i think i should really slap myself cause i slept at 4 that morning, and woke up at 6am. means i have only 2 bloody hours of sleep!

upon reaching school, headed up to the examination hall. dont know if it's the aircon or me, its so darn cold! luckily, had my hoodie with me laa! ok enough of crap, the thing is that i think i did pretty well for my paper 1. was quite happppy! as from what i think, this is one of my bestest compo written so far :b [ i know its best, not bestest ._. ]

actually had no inspirations one. just crapp along lor. kept on thinking about what mdm yeo told me that morning. who knows write until the ending part, so many ideas pop out laa! jumping for joy, and managed to finish my compo in time. timing just nice :D

Higher Chinese Paper 2.

my worst nightmare. this is something which i think you're not gonna believe.


laughs* ok la, i know this is no laughing matter, but its something which i expected alr. before that i was still telling sy and kt saying " ehh, trust me, everytime read until the 3rd or 4th comprehension i sure sleep one "

of course, they didnt believe it. haha. oh wells, i just say that i try not to sleep lor. who knows when i went into the examination hall, my waterbottle was only a quarter fill with water ._. happy new year le lor~

i skipped the close passage part and went on to the 1st comprehension. there's 4 comprehensions to be done in HCL. the first 3 was pretty easy, can understand. who knows the 4th comprehension, is then the crappy one. the whole passage is about "STOPPING". ting2 zhi3. you know? in chinese.

here stop, there stop, until i really stop doing.
had a bad headache and worse, i drink finish my water alr. nothing to keep me awake. so i decided to take a short break. but then, cannot tahan already, i went to sleep. LOL. i remember inez kept looking at me. cause she sit beside me maa! hahaha. i put my head down then she look. i woke up 10mins ltr and she looked at me later. hahaha. i think i can already predict what she's gonna say :b

so so, in the end i dont understand the passage. i did the summary in less than 15mins, and finished the close passage in less than 5mins.
think you can expect my grades le hor?

please please, i pray you give me a B4!
a 'C' grade is gonna spoil my whole cert! )):
ok la, i pray, no D7 ok?


anyways after that, went to Burger King with kt and sy for lunchh. we were discussing about the paper and lots of other things. hahaha. then i rmb i said

Me : "ehh i think i qian qian hou hou kiss 10marks goodbye to the marker alr"
Kt : "har, how come?"
Me : "cause alot of explaining questions i leave blank. never do"
Kt : "aiyoos, then how come you still so 'nothing' like that one?"

well she meant why im still like unaffected by it one. lol. cause usually people will be whining away. haha. didnt answer her question :b but i guess either i've become numb alr, or i learnt to take things in my stride already. laughs*

its like, you cry you also 10marks gone. you dont cry also 10marks gone. what to do? haha. anyway, went to northpoint to look at some handphones before heading home. yes yes! my mum says she's gonna buy me a phonee! but got budget ._. argh.


anyways, back to examination hall, a drawback of having everybody housed at one place is that when you sneeze, EVERYONE CAN HEAR LOR!

and worse still, that morning i started having a FLU. i thought it was just morning sickness, as usually i sneeze alot in the morning. moreover with the chilling aircon. so there i was sneezing and i feel so paiseh laa!
perhaps they will be so engrossed with their paper and they never hear :b

argh anyway, my flu worsened already. aint on any medication as i think visiting the doctor is just a waste of time and money. i dont eat panadols, so god bless. =\

another random note : my neighborhood here is gonna open another hairdressing shopp! gosh. i dont know what's their issue lor. they should have go walk walk around my neighborhood. if im not wrong, this will be the 8th or 9th FEMALE HAIRDRESSING SALON lor! guys one haven include yet okay.

and the funny thing is, the salons like to be goodfriends. their salon is like always situated one or two shops away from the other one lor. LOl.
our neighborhood so many hair for them to cut meh. need until eight or nine salons .___. oops it sounded so wrong.


mr lee thought my mum is a hairdresser.
LOL. no ok! although i do get my hair cut ever so often. :x

alrights shall blog til here first. i go chase back my nose ok? .__.

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Prince- LOLs! honoured ma?! hehe. npnp!

Homie- I found alr! you're lying. lousy liar!

Andy- hahaha. copyright ar! must credit me hor! roarrrr.

Weifeng- well, if not where does the phrase "time flies" comes from? hee.

Shawn- got meh? attitude then good ma! nobody dare kachiao me. hahah. :D

on a side note,
i found my ez-link card! its lying under my desk which i sat for my ss paper if im not wrong. thanks chaoju!

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