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nothing interesting lately. been rotting and decomposing at home whole weekend! okay although i feel a weeeee bit guilty, it's to compensate my sleepless nights for the past few days! :x

was pretty glad that most of my main papers are over. tomorrow's left with social studies and wednesday with my higher chinese paper 1 and 2s. after that will just be all MCQs and paper1.
oh what joyy! :DD

well, social studies, i dont wanna be too over-confident in it. although all along its been better than my elective geog, im really worried that i may screw it up, considering the short amount of time i've been allocating for it. especially for the SEQs. structured essay, if some of you guys dont know. the 4 questions that's coming is really random lor.

out of 4 themes summarised by john lim, i've killed 2 themes within 45mins. now is that a good or bad thing. but anyways, those are my better 2 themes. the other 2 is really hardd! i wanna prepare another theme just in case.. but i seriously dislike them! see the topic already sian. :x

as for the Source Based Questions (SBQ), there's nothing much to study. just on the template on how to answer the questions. this is the part i dislike for SS. forever its pulling down my SEQ. you see, my inferential skills sucks big time! but... since its source based, there's no way i can study it! just the template, as i've said, and i think i can settle within 10mins.

okok i know its a short time and im feeling so insecured about it laa. but what to do?

argh. just 4 more days to go back school. 2mondays and 2wednesday, and i'll burn the books!hahaha. O lvls, cant you just fly past? you're crawling forward at a turtle's speed.

Post Examination Plans!

#1. im going to straighten my hair again!
(i know my hair is straight enough already but i still dont like my natural curve. okay laa, although its straight also, laughs*)well, take note, its straightening, not rebonding. different okay! im trying to psycho kaiting to do with me.. oh wells.

#2. shopping shopping and more SHOOPPPINGG!
- i already planned on who to drag with on my shopping trips! that includes ( inez, ama, sy, kt, and the sec5s, etc etc~ )

#3. going out with clarlynn! miss her crapiness also lor!

- so many nice movies coming out in november can?!

#5. HIBERNATE at home all day play audition and maple till im satisfied!
- hahah its been ever so long since i touch maple! always have to curb that addiction once school term starts. so, i havent been playing for a year already can?! and fabian's gonna go back play also. hahaha. dont calling me childish! if you wanna call.... *looks at fabian* XD

#6. IM SO SO SO gonna get myself a JOB JOB JOB!
- i seriously curse myself for being born in august, which means i turned 16 late! hard to find job okkay, and if you're below 15, mostly the jobs are in the F&B sector or either the pay isnt nice.
im thinking of going Flesh Imp to work! heard that edwin and some other ppl are there alr.. duno have vacancy anot.


&& this list is to be continued!

okkay, this! i found out that zixian is forever crappy lor! check out the ss chatlogs above. that time i was so darn sad over the physics paper and there he came with his crappiness, and showed me how USING THE COMP leads to SCREWING the papers. gosh!

then thenn the 2nd pict is about how i retaliated back when he says
EATING leads you to SCREWING papers. LOL.

words in black are his, while words in purple are mine.

see zx, i posted it! hahah. your hyperlink here also kay! XDD

anyways, does anyone knows where can i find this brand of sweets?

Wonka SweetTarts.

i found it among my halloween treats and its so so so niceeee! until now i dont remember seeing this product in the market lei..ahh whatever. tell me if you know where okay!

and yea, thats about it for today.

Replies to tags :

Homieh- ohhh. your combined paper was also hard too? haha

LL- ohh! lewis! hahah been seeing you so frequetly in the neighborhood these few days! hahah. well, you weirdo laa . :x paper 1 is obviously easier than paper 2. everyone says that! :x

lawrence- no wool here sir. hahah. next year jio you out laa! :DD

Jesny- hahah its okkay. thanks alot! :D

Low- hahah. meow? we speak in cat and dog's language. lols!

Fabian- hahah hopefully its good. mine is like all screwed up! oo what guild?! I WANNA BE VICE! hahah

itsJONN- hmm, how can i forget who you? hahah. i remember you laa ! :D rare that you tagged!

Shawn- of course busy STUDYING laa ! tsk tsk. O lvls lei. whahaha. eeyer, if got luck everybody go hug le lei! hahah. yaya witch on halloween. not now!

[11 days!]
counting down to freedom!

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