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omg this girl is super cute!! dont you think so?! :D

okay im super random i know.

did my straightening today! (: call it rebonding, if you do not know what that is. just a lil different from rebonding. many had been asking me where i did my hair. hmmms, its actually done at nicolette's auntie's house. not a salon. ((:

anyways, rotted my ass there for nearly 3whole hours! okay i know this is shorter compared to rebonding at salons, but the last time i did was only 2hours! lots of girls turned up today. with and without appointment ones. many of them did either highlighter or dyeing. and guess what? all the girls which turned up today just finished their O lvls!

haha. see, everyone is rushing to the salon to color their hair right after Os XD

i guess you girls must be interested about how much it costs me. well, the auntie charged me $75, which i think its pretty cheap considering my hairlength which reaches all th way to my waist now. the auntie said she charged me cheaper (short hair rates) cause my hair is WAY LAYERED. just that few strands at the back. laughs.


i did without my mum's consent btw. i guess she'll flare up if i told her earlier on and perhaps she'll prolly nag and chew on this topic for days. so, i did w/o informing her! if she doesnt notices, i get lucky :x


anyways, rushed home to change and head for bugis! dinnered at Seoul Garden. (: pretty costly for a dinner, but its part of our POST-examinations plan!! XD

went with shiyun szegee and junfei this time. ((: szegee was darn funny cause everytime he cook the meat its not fully cooked one lor! then nobody dare to eat what he gave us. LOL. had a walk around bugis junction before heading home (:

i wanted to blog about something.. but then again i feel so tired. perhaps tomorrow ba. (: i just went over to shaun's blog. he always gives me so much inspirations on topics to blog. hahaha.

Replies to tags!

UrBlogReader- hmmms thanks! (((: hahah thats something definite. may i know who you're? (:

Kaixun- ohh. you all so fast skip town ar! hahaha. have fun laa! :D

Andy- hahaa thnks! (((: wont la, i so gentle lei~ haha

Zhiyan- yayaya! i read on yahoo! tsk tsk. :x

Homey- you made me vomit ): hahah nope i dont make. i only know how to modify the template of this blog. im a html idiot!

Prince- alrights! hahaha. yup yup! when shall we go out? lets call panda out too! XD

Katherine- hahah thanks! ((: 2more years down the road it's your turn! :D

`no picts of my straightened hair. paiseh, tired and too shag for pictures.
`out tomorrow again! ♥
`new playlist up my blog! (((: enjoy!

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