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picture of my rebonded hair (:
ok, i know there isnt much a difference. lols!


oh-so-finally, I WENT ON A SHOPPING SPREEEE! alrights, not much of a spree cause i just spent like $70 today without buying much stuffs 0.0

anyways, went out with shiyun szegee and surprisingly, SHIXUAN! haha. was so desperate to find people go town cause i needed to get yellow tee shirts for my upcoming red camp! [shall explain later]

hahah. being the typical girls, we are always LATE for meetups! and ended up asking the guys to go walk first. hahaha. always late about 30~60minutes. LOL.

but enough of that, i bought my two yellow tees! simply love the cutting and since i dont usually buy t-shirts. and that explains the need to get t-shirts. tanktops are all over the place, in fact. and as usual, studs and earrings are not forgotten! (: i havent been wearing my earrings for months in fact, cause i lost the one i liked, and i cant get it from other places! ): bought shades together with shiyun deardear from Cotton On as well!

and one more thing. i did EXTENSIONS! (((: not those fake fake one color that kind hor! went over to Milly's hairextension shop. couldnt find the bigger shop which is located on the 3rd floor, so went to the smaller shop which is at 2nd floor.

they are having discounts for students which are just a dollar per strand! (: the guy who did for me insisted on 40 strands for me. but its like, my gosh, im am NOT going to spend that much on my hair. went for 30strands instead. shiyun was contemplating about putting one or two red extensions, but she didnt. the guys just watched while waiting.

my hair is now super long! hahaha. shiyun was like saying "wahh, very long and look very real lei"

actually wanted to do a lighter shade of brown, but the guy said it'll look fake. and he managed to find something of the same texture and color as mine. since i had rebonded hair, it wasnt too obvious that i did extensions! ((:

most of us bought stuffs except for szegee. haha. shiyun got herself shades while shixuan got a top and skinny tie. (:

Shot 1.

shiyun unprepared. but at least i had that "zi bi" shixuan looking here.
LOL. we were joking that shixuan was introverted or rather, "zi bi" all the way.

Shot 2.

shiyun looked over!
but that "introverted" guy turned away. -.-

Shot 3.

zoomed in! see my length of my hair? (:

guess u can see better already. (:

anyways i've yet to touch on this matter : WHY the need for yellow tees?

haha most people would know, but since some readers of mine doesnt really know what's happening, imma gonna explain! if not you just skipp this part alrights?

well, some of us had signed up for a Red Camp organised by Ngee Ann Polytechnic. there are different groups which we will be assigned to, and mostly the people from our school got into the Centurions group! which is yellow groupp laa :x checked their blog, and it seems there's gonna be much much much fun with super hyper leaders!

the camp will be just a day camp from TOMORROW 19Nov-21Nov! (: hahah. once im home i'll update my blog. hahah. here's the link if you guys wanna know more about it - Red-Camp.

Replies to tags!

Andy- i blog about tigers doesnt means im a tiger! gosh. then i'll blog about fairies and godmothers, and so im a fairy! :D

Mao- yeap no prom! but you're aint going to qiao1 zha4 me! not gonna sponsor you! hahah.

Nicolette- ohh its okay! hahah. yupps ((:

Weifeng- :DD

Shawn- hahaha. no laa! replied you already! :D

Shiyun- dont worry! now okay already! :DD hahaha

Homey- yeap for a short period of time. but its ok now! (: hahah not taunting laa! at least proved u read my blog. LOl.

Zhiyan- ohh. they recovered their database already! thank god.

Shaun- its means that your posts are THOUGHT-PROVOKING! its a compliment, duh!

* Friendster had recovered their database and your accounts and profiles are as safe as though they are in the police station! LOL.

** Its really heart warming to see my hits remaining/increasing despite my recent cant-be-more-boring-and-dull-POSTS. love you all! muacks!



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