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Red Camp @ Ngee Ann Poly

Centurions' Entrace cheer!

I don't what others said~
(I don't what others said)
Cen-tur-ions are in the zone.
Get out of the way tribes, get out of the way.
Get out of the way, just get out of they way!

I don't what others said~
(I don't what others said)
Centurions are in the zone.
Get out of the way tribes, get out of the way.
Get out of the way, just get out of they way!

ahhh! i just freaking love this cheer and im aint gonna care even if i doesnt make sense or whatever. hahaha. lots of other new cheers are taught and are so funny la! anyways, i dont think i'll be going into the small details as i doubt anyone would be interested (:

Met up with some other classmates and we wore our YELLOW PE SHIRTS. LOL

darn cool la can! hahaha. its like only we are the ones wearing school pe shirts. hahha. anyways, took 852 and walked to Ngee Ann poly despite the fact that there was shuttle buses from woodlands. :x nvm, tmr i'm gonna take shuttle bus!

oh yes, back to the pictures. hahaha. went to their conventional centre which had turned into something like this. LOl. used to be flat ground. and everyone was uber uber uber HIGH! kept hi-5 with alot people whom we do not know. and everywhere was so misty laa! [special effects]

and we also kept saying : " ehh, like got concert hall like that lei! "

while waiting all the others to get settled, the leaders are like super enthusiastic and friendly! counted down to the start of Red Camp 5 and the whole place went dark. and guess what...


LOL. of course, i did joined in laa. the screen blank also keep shouting! hahaha. one of the many items put up in the morning included their CCA group which performed Brazillian Drums. highlights! :D didnt regretted going afterall!

had some CCA experience which included dance (!!) :D and a walk around two of their schools. Mass Media School and Humanities school. One word to describe : eye-opener!

its like we actually get to see what's actualy going on behind the screens as a deejay, or even a 48track recorder thing. school of humanities was full of magic and not forgetting a puppet show!

opps, i forgot about today's lunch. KFC! their so called Western Cuisine. felt so cheated! tomorrow's gonna be Italian Cuisine! my fave Breeks! anyways, went back to the conventional centre after the whole day, and had a mini contest. The tribe which im in - none other than Centurions ( :DDD ) didnt win the competition thou. so lost the winning tribe of the day. SADED! ):

by the way, something extra for you guys!

this was actually a short video taken by some leaders. its actually the short dance which i've mentioned earlier on. just ONE set of 8-beats. and they took pretty long to teach. but well, this time we have to consider those who has no dance basics! ((:

ah its pretty retarded actually. -.- since they had burned the CDs for us straight after it, decided to put on my blog! (: any comments on it will not be allowed. (:

OHYA. i missed out something. check out the guy wearing red infront of me and sinren!
WAIT! dont rush to view it laa! see what i got to say. although it shows just only a VERY WEE bit of his red shirt -.- , i must say, this guy is not bad-looking can! sinren can vouch for that. LOL. cause he taught her some of the dance steps. hahaha.

thats about it for today! :D skipped alot of parts, in fact. but oh wells, nevermind. cause i forgotten to ask tzy huoy to send me the picts! (: shall blog them once i get them! (:



dont mind me, paisehs. :x

Replies to tags!

Homey- REFER BELOW! :D && YOU! dont be gross laaaa! ewww.

Shawn- if i forgot everyone, then i wouldnt be blogging! hahaha, nv forget laa :D yup yup, centurions! :D

Zhiyan- Junqi-
gosh. my eyes playing tricks? the junqi who used to be from the childcare as well? :D

Fabian- tag in caps not = BOLIAO OK! roarrrrrrr. hahaha. well, at least u have ur pirates xD

Andy- then i got to say ur inferential skills fail! anyhow interprete one!

Daphne- hahaha. thanks! :D sec1 life is over for u! :x

* im looking eagerly to Red-Camp day 3 cause they're gonna change the whole conventional centre to a ''club'' and parrrrrrrrrrtyyy the night away! :D Zouk's DJ Andrew Chow's gonna be coming too to rock the houseeee :D

** and yes. this is the thing which most of you girls been asking me about :x

so now.., WHERE exactly did i went to rebond my hair?

actually, i went to my friend nicolette's auntie's house to do rebonding. i didnt did my hair at a salon. (: just that the auntie changed her balcony area to become a small hairdressing place. (: you must be thinking its pretty weird huh? that's my first thought as well, dont worry.

i didnt knew about that place until nicolette brought me over to the auntie's house in Marsling last year. so yea. i think their soft rebonding IS pretty good, for me, at least. if not i wouldnt go back to the same place after a year's time.

&& 2ndly, WHERE exactly did i went to do my extensions?

Its at "MILLY'S" at a shop in Far East Plaza. I dont think i need to say where is far east plaza :x as from what i know, there's are two MILLY's shop in far east plaza. The one which i did (the smaller shop) is at #02-83. but im pretty sure there's a bigger shop on the third floor.

I WALKED PAST THE BIGGER SHOP THAT DAY! but i couldnt locate it afterwards when i decided to do my extensions -.- so just walk around the 3rd floor alrights. not at any ulu corner.

point to takenote : there are other shops doing extensions on the 3rd floor as well. but they charged more per strand, about $1.50. moreover, Milly's a new shop, so i recommend there if you girls are interested. Hope i managed to clear your doubts. (:

by the way, dont be mistaken, as im not doing an advertorial for Milly's.
Just that it happened to be my prefered choice (:

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