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see the big scratch on my thigh? all thanks to my nails. arghh. the scratch is already like 3days old and its still there!! gosh.

anyways, slap jaslin cause she hasnt been updating regularly.

my apologies!

since people said my posts are wordy i shall cut short everything. -.-
went greenbean tuition centre on sunday if im not wrong. now stop jumping to conclusions. I DONT HAVE TUITIONS ALRIGHT!

its cause shiyun wanted to go and so i accompanied her. she's not a student of flin lee btw, so one person go very weird. went there to do some physics worksheets and cleared some doubts before heading home! (: saw alot of clarlynn edwin and clique while meeting shiyun and saw dunros at there! haha.

flin lee's tuition center got alot of china students! :O

but anyway, i dont think that place is a conducive place to studyy. since its pretty noisy with all the other students. since my O lvls are ending soon, i doubt i'll be going there again :b


guess i have no need to harp so much on it. easy paper. (: but i dont think it can save my physics paper to anywhere. after all, easy paper, everyone can do.

headed to causeway after the paper to have lunch and buy deyi's bdae present! ((: watched High School Musical 3 the 2nd time to pei kaiting and shiyun. hahah. walked here and there before we headed home! ((:

rest of the days i rotted at home. thats all! (:

argh just now kaixun jio-ed me to go play mahjong tmr! their O lvls ended already CAN? ahhhhh~ why must biology be the last last last paper throughout the nation? -.- im not taking chemistry so there's no paper for me tomorrow..

40 questions on thurday left! :DDD

now dont complain, my post is short and not wordy! :b

Replies to tags :

Homie- omg that's so lame. where are ur limbs?! anyways, ITS GOOD TO MUG! good results are coming after me! hahaha

YunHui- ooops. forgot alr. ahhaha. i want quick also cannot! :b hee.

Zhiyan- hmmms, maybe. how's ur exams btw? when endingg? :D

Night- hahaha. remember to close your mouth! :x why not start your own blog? then you dont have to gawkk at my hits counter anymore :b

Adeva- HELLLOS! ((: surprised to see u here. hee

Fabian- hahah sure sure! soon ba! when both of us are free! (:

Shawn- jialat.. i got so plastic and superficial meh! %$#^ :x

Anne- oopps opps. forgot. hehe. thanks for tagging! :D


Dunros- no laa. just accompany fren go there that day. ^^ saw u!

Hannah- hannah! hehe. maybe maybe :b jiayous for our last bio paper! <3

Mao- hee. maybe? XD hahas thanks thanks!

Andy- hahaha i very long never food poisoning le lorrr. so must be ur food if i ate any! xD


perhaps i changing blogskin tmr if im free or maybe on thursday! ((:

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