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was surfing the net when i came across this and found it really pretty! ;D

anyways, got feedback from some that commented on the font size of my blog posts. haha. i know its a lil bit weee more tiny, but im working on my new skin now! haaha. but im not very familiar with the ripping parts for the background. ): ):

once my bio paper ends on next thursday i guess i'll change the blogskin! with some adjustments here and there, of course. hmmms, i guess im gonna change the songlist soon as well! its getting pretty sick after some time... hmm hmmmmm.

i have this topic which i feel like blogging now : marriage.
but yet im wondering if its a good idea. shall see how then.

short post for the day! :DDD

[p.s.] its funny how my blog statistics are the same but yet my number of tags is going downn downn downnnnnn. ): perhaps my blog posts are getting more boring by the day. HAHA! pardon me, cause i hadnt been going out and im still sick.

brain aint churning out much stuffs.

wait till my 2 papers are over next week ya! :D

Replies to Tags :

Homey- gosh, OBVIOUSLY, you're LYING! hahah.

Shawn- haha since when jaslin wasnt mean? wahaha.

Andy- ahhhh! dowant. i dont want food poisoning okay! hahaha

Zhiyan- thanks thanks! but there's nothing to train! NAPFA was long overr... hahas xD

Caaroll- alrights! relinking you soon!

Prince- hahaha~ busy lady!

[4more days!]

just a stone's throw away!

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