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hahaha. okay, i guess ALOT of you guys can already know what phone i bought just from the box. its the Sony Ericsson Walkman W910i, red color (:

i know this phone has been out in the market for a brazilian years, but since im buying just the phone itself with no plans or contract signed, it cost me a 300 bucks okay! other phones which were nicer cost like $700~$900. and moreover, my W850i phone is wayy wayyyyy spoilt, and so i traded that in.

see my phoneee?

ignore that roll of toilet paper, please.
ahhhh. im darn sad cause my white phone is gone. im gonna miss it lots can. LOL. im so not used to the new phone as it feels different (much flater and FATTER) and the keys for messaging, which are like so flat. im pretty worried that it may be scratched sooner or later.

and one bad habit of mine now, after ADAPTING to my spoilt phone. since my prev phone will spoil once i retracts (whatever the spelling) or slide it back, i leave it lying around without sliding the top part back 24/7.

so now, the W910i, another sliding phone still, i leave it lying around without sliding the top part back. ahhhhhhhhh!


think i wont be blogging much about the details except for the highlights through these 2 days. and also, pardon my lousy 2 megapixels phone and most of the pictures of people are blurry.

bear with it, pretty please!


the night when they had a JELLY-Eating competition.

perhaps jervis had a relatively large mouth cause he won 2 times laaa! think they gobbled down 20+ jellies that night. even the student leaders (SLs) joined in!

see the SL? hahaha.

okay, Day 2 was rather boring(not much highlights) but yet we had lots of fun! i simply love their cheers. anyways, ngee ann business school is so so so tempting for me! okay, i know that isnt the right word. but i cant find a good adj for now. :x


Day 3 was a day with mixed emotions. We were very high but yet at the same time, sad.
cause its the last day!! After visiting the School of Engineering, we mostly had Finales, Mass dance, Chronicals of the tribes and many more (((: shall elaborate more, but pictures first!

SEE! THAT'S OUR TRIBE LEADER! hahaha. nickname : Ah Ma.

he's posing as our tribe's Mascot who is Medusa. so, he wore a white dress laa! hahaha

Chio ma?!

ok laa, that's him. haha

Twins shot 1.

Twins shot 2.

check out the 2 pairs of twins! hahaha.

the super high SLs!

We mostly camwhored away that day, and many pictures were blurry! i dont know whyyy. and worse still, my phone lagg pretty much when nightmode is on. pretty bad huh.

anyways, these are just the pictures which i had taken. there are quite a few in other people's phones and cameras, and i dont know how i'm going to land my hands on them. hmmmms.


nope, not the mass dance.
neither the skit for the Chronicals of tribes,
nor the lame and yellow jokes of the emcees.


it is about a group of people coming together and FREEZE! for a minute. haha sounds lame, but never in spore had anyone tried this before! and together with 1161 people, (should be) we hold this record! with each of us's name in the Guinness Book of world records! :DD

and besides that, i guess, centurions tribe were the highest tribe that day! apart from the Cheering competition which decides the winning tribe where we got super high and screamed at the top of our lungs, we ran up the stage during mass dance! LOL. ok laa, i go one by one.

Cheering competition.

we were pretty pissed off by other tribes which apparantly had no brain juice to come up with their own cheers and copied ours! ahhhh. angry angry. then, we came up with a cheer or two to get back at them. simply awesome!! hahaha.

im not acting cute, but those who went for the camp would know. hahaha.

Mass dance!

okay, instead of staying put at our place and dance, we (cchians) formed a line and rannnnn, zipping through the crowds and other tribes! and of course, people started to join in a line and rannn. total craziness. you know, those kind where we put our hands on the shoulders of the person infront of us. :D

song was repeated twice, and so when it was repeated for the 2nd time, we ran up the STAGE! the stage where all the student leaders and emcees were doing their dance. hey, they allowed ok! and so, we ran infront of them, infront of the cameras and emcees and zipping through here and there on the crowded stage! super high. we were still singing the song as we ran. LOL.

Dinner time!

as we finished dinner early, we did the same thing again. WE RAN EVERYWHERE! LOL. with our tribe cheers and many others, we invaded other tribe's territory and people were like saying : wahh, centurions again!

LOL. its hard to put down in words but it's like, MADNESS can?! but, PEOPLE JOINED IN THE FUN! shout until alot people lost their voices and the student leaders also buey tahan us. XD

well, we were waiting for the Zouk personel to set up the convention centre into a club. and things got bored. CANT BLAME!


-.- ok laa just kidding. LOL. they were preventing us from headed in before the party starts.


seriously, i think the people from Zouk really did a great job for the setting up the plain convention centre into a "club" or rather, a dancefloor! the atmosphere was there and it was simply great :D

we were just standing right infront of their speakers and sound system and everyone started to PARRRRTAYEEEE. :D those songs blasting their base, ahhh. funnnn. you know, its pretty interesting when it comes to clubbing.

you see, everyday in class we see each other as the "100% teacher's lovable students" who are like so demure and gentle. except for me, i must say -.- . but when it comes to clubbing, even those who dont know how to dance can also sway to the beat lor. no doubt, i saw my friends getting high! hahaha.

sinren and shuting really danced well. ((((: the guys were super jealous cause we pangsehed them and we dance away the night for like 2whole hours! basking ourselves in the beat. hahaha. high high high!

then sinren said something when we went out : "now then i understand why people go clubbing when they are frustrated."

yes! i agree with her. its like under the influence of the surroundings and most importantly the songs, its like u forget about everything ! and sinren kept saying she's gonna lose her piece of mind. hahah. lots of fun things laa! but im just gonna cut short (:

went home at around 10.30 that day! (((: i know there were some people who teared as the finale for the camp came. although its just 3days, we bonded alot with the student leaders and emcees.

however, we didnt bring home just the knowledge gained of the different courses, but the friendship and memories which would be kept in our heart. Each friendship forged between strangers of you and me, would be one of the greatest things found and collected during these 3 short days. (:





Replies to tags!
Daphne- hahaha. didnt you read my previous post? hor hor! :x

Zhiyan- oops. there was a typo! sorry. that reply.. somehow got mixed up with the reply which was meant to be for my friend junqi. hahah. paisehs! XD

Fabian- you're going mad! i was away on camp, how to online! haha

Andy- then must be u bribed the marker! or maybe.. you're just plain lucky! hahah. nah its ok. SINCE WHEN DO CATS JUMP? gosh

Junqi- oh! :D any links to your friendster or blog for me? ^^

Shawn- yes i dont get it. maybe u just perceive it to be "my world". hahaha. yea yea! its super cooool :D

Homey- perhaps it was just that im the one nearest to the camera when vid was taken. LOL.

Xiong- super QIAN DAAAAAAAA! ahhhh!

Kai- got online laa! just that i appear offline! hahah

Nicolette- no laaa. :x but people ask ma. hehe. its alrights! :DDD long time nv see u alr! ♥

*oh by the way, i snipped off my long fringe cause its making me so irritated. and worse still, i dont like how it looks after the rebonding cause the auntie layered it further for me! so, back to short fringe! dont worry, back to small-girl look ok? HAHA!

**!!! WHY WHY WHY are people saying that i looked like as if im 13 or 14 years of age only! ahhh! one of my super distant relative told me today! the uncle and auntie said i looked around my cousin's age. (whom is only going 13yrs old next yr!)

*** Guys are like laxatives, 'cos they are always pissing the ass out of us.

cool eh? this line was from somebody when they were joking about gender issues during the camp. haha!

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