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actually planned to go for an interview with anne. but oh wells, was told to stay at home. ):

anyways, here's your much awaited post! (:

well well, i did mention im gonna blog about GUYs. but since its pretty broad a topic, im going to blog random things which i feel like blogging about. :x

if you have been blog-surfing, mostly the topics would be, girls in jc compared to poly ones, girls with or without makeup, girls fashion sense (showing bra straps, etc). girls, girls and more girls! so, now im going to turn the tables round, and its the guys which im gonna target.

topics which i've picked, would mostly be the burning question in each of you guy's mind. (maybe not) anyways, its mostly from a girl's point of view, or maybe some, solely from my p.o.v. (: im going to start with the most common one i guess.

JC guys or Poly guys?

Number 1 : Poly guys are more of appearance wise

well, i gotta admit if i were to compare both, most poly guys would be better well groomed in terms of appearance. afterall, they have attend lectures everyday in their casual clothings. they have to have a good sense of dressing if they're thinking of attracting a girl.

but this doesnt means that im saying jc guys doesnt know how to groom themself! they do, but just that the proportion of them would be lesser. i do have good looking friends coming from JCs! its just that since JC guys would have to abide the school rules (u get what i mean), its pretty hard for them to creative with their hair.

Number 2 : JC guys have better general knowledge.

i guess the heading says it all. since they're almost touching the books everyday. im not saying poly guys are dumbs. but its just that since both parties are exposed to different things, JC guys would have better general knowledge.

if it comes to the area of their field of work, needless to say, poly guys would definitely be better at this la! we all know that JC meant textbooks while Poly meant skills.

Number 3 : Poly guys tend to be more fun.

well, i know many of you are going to rebutt me on this. pointing to news on how crazy jc students became when it comes to celebrating each other's 18th birthdays.

but you got to agree with that with paperworks, tuitions and textbooks weighing down on jc guys, their brain is like being brainwashed, with mathematical formulas, concepts and knowledge filled in. well, i dont know how to put this through, but in contrast to poly guys, their mind is like abit "dead".

Number 4 : JC have more decent guys.

once again, im also not saying that poly doesnt have a single guy who's decent. but just that more of JC guys are decent. we girls certainly do not like a guy, whose words are just greeting people's parents all of the time.

a smart and decent chap would totally blow we girls off our feets, rather than a guy who just know how to spend his day staring into the mirror or the computer screen. (:

now,.. for the burning question in each of you guys' mind!

Do guys who wear glasses look hotter and more attractive?

if you meant specs, it would preferably be these than those geeky kinds one. (not unless if you're going for a geeky look for the day.) for this question, there isnt any definite answer as different people gives a different feel when they are / arent in specs.

but again, natural beauty is the best. if you have it, flaunt it. if you think that wearing contact lenses would make u better looking, then grab urself a pair. however, back to the topic again, some guys DO look more attractive in glasses (:

Skinnies or Jeans for guys?

haha, this picture was just grabbed somewhere from a blogshop. lol. so yeap, im not going to beat around the bush for this. Skinnies are NOT RECOMMENDED for guys.

common comments you'll see / hear would be that it looks GAY. i know skinnies tend to be in trend (especially in singapore) and worse still, among the guys. search the net and you'll seldom see guys wearing skinnies. (im refering to countries like europe, uk and japan)

unless your body is well proportioned and the fabric isnt wrapped tightly around ur thighs, drop the skinnies. i mean, for girls, its still okay. since skinnies were designed for ladies in the first place.

worse still, is when the skinnies the guy wore is of bright colours like yellow, red, green or striking blue. black and white are at least, somewhat acceptable. but not those bright colours. i've just been to the arcade days back and i saw one guy wearing skinnies, with one side black, the other side red. totally turns we girls off, seriously.

i mean, why not try bermudas or jeans. as for me, personally, guys tend to look better in straightcut/ jeans, paired off with a nice belt or a nice silver chain.

and when i say jeans are much prefered, i just cant fathom the fact that why SOME of the guys like to wear their jeans/shorts so low, until its like they're gonna drop off their hip once they jump or something. a total big no no!

Do girls like guys with long hair?

well, this is yet another topic which answer differs from guy to guy. no doubt, guys do look better with longer sideburns. but if you meant those long hair which some caucasians sport at the back of their head, i guess it isnt the "in" thing huh.

but if you meant FRINGES, some guys look better, some guys dont. instead, awful. you're born with 2 eyes, 1 nose and 1mouth. why make youself look as if all you have is just one eye, half a nose and a mouth. we girls seriously dont get it.

if you think you urself have eyes which aint pretty and you're trying to cover them with ur hair, all i can say is, it doesnt make u look better. make u look worse. time to get a haircut, buddy.

although long fringes suit some people, it doesnt mean it suit EVERYBODY. i've viewed quite a few people's profiles on friendster. (guy's) i found out that those with super long fringes now, they actually DO look better with short hair. (as seen from their secondary school's pictures)

as from a girl's pov, just keep your hair length (at the back of ur neck) no longer than your shoulder length. its seriously..ugly. im gonna be straight to point. why not, try something like...

this! okay i just randomly found this on the net. resembles some pop idol but, oh well. nevermind. i just want to show u the hairstyle. LOL. eh, this is nice lei! :D

we prefer to looking at someone with two eyes instead of one, you know. long hair may be nice for some people, but keep it within acceptable length! you get what i mean?

but no matter what long hair short hair, specs or no specs, girls are naturally attracted to guys with self confidence. (:

Replies to tags :

Nicolette : ohh.. i thought u went back to the popular job! :x

##jy™__ : oh yea. hi night! (:

Shawn : lol! grab ur sister go out lor. haha. u anyhow come out with abbreviations one how people know. haha. oh okie. good to hear that. haha

Celesta : ohh.. same as nicolette. haha. yea yea! lets do xmas/new yr shopping soon!

hmms, i guess this blog post might lead to some unhappiness among the readers :x especially the poly and jc guys part. but i guess its inevitable laa! (:

its too broad a topic and i can possibly bring in everything into the post. and once again, these are just points of views from me and a bunch of my girlfriends. (: i hope you do respect what i've written here anyways. i've tried to bring up both sides of views under every topic (:

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