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and yes, this is my workplace! ((:
mini version of Popular right! hahah.

anyways, sorry i didnt update yesterday as i was totally knocked out. although the job is just 6hours, i was very tired cause i slept at 3+ at nights and waking up at 6+ in the morning! especially yesterday. i was just lying on my bed awhile at 9+ for a rest. who knows i fell asleeep! woke up at 1am+ again.

im getting more familiar with the things at work! seemed like a good thing. cause i know what i should do without asking once a delivery man comes. LOl. but, i told my aunt i will only be working till end of the month. which mean im only working for 2 weeks. :x (oops!)

hahah. guess she was pretty shocked cause she just trained me, and i gotta leave soon. LOL. well, i have alot of things in january.. like chatlet, nyjc camp, collection of results and O lvls! one month pass away very soon can. she nagged at me a little. LOL. okay, now here comes the important thing. I NEED TO find SOMEONE to replace me from january onwards!

Workplace : Bookshop of Anglo-Chinese (International)
Working Time : 9am-3pm only. (:
Gender : Male
Age : 16 onwards.
Most importantly : can work till february. slackers not preferred. :x
Pay : 5bucks per hour.
When start work? 5th January 2009 onwards.

well, my aunt wanted guys cause they have more strength to carry books, etc etc. and since she said january would be the busiest periods (and im not working) she asks me to find a replacement!! ok laa.. my fault. cause i didnt say earlier.

wanted to approach shaun. but who knows he's hired! and since she finding someone who can work till mid-february like that, only opened for people going poly ba. please please, im finding someone who fits the above requirement! Leave me a tag or email me at niteskygal@hotmail.com if you're interested! (: i cant find anyone, YET.

thanks many :DDD

Replies to tags!

Prince- oo. hehe its a good thing ^^ say thanks for what? hahah.

Zhiyan- oo np. :x ahhh. how come? got bed yout dont sleep u choose to sleep on the sofa.. seen the doctor?

Thew- hahaha. dont want! i dont need a priest now already. LOL. xD

Shawn- i say one lo.. hahah. and not all girls like guys to accompany them when they shop one lor. LOL. what biased.. i love my girlfriends! wahaha.

Weifeng- hmmms boring at times, but at times not really boring. boring is just the part that im working alone! gosh.

Jeanie- im nice smelling la dey! tsk tsk~

Kaixun- LOL. cant blame. books dont like me. neither do i. haahha

Jasmine- hellos hellos! :D

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