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another day at home! but im gonna be so busy over the next 2 days!
yes i love busy days. (:

nothing much for the day, just that i went to do eyebrow threading! (:

hmms, i guess that's not very new coming from someone so vain. *grins. well, i've been wanting to do it way way before my O lvls even started. but just because my mum forbids it, i waited for O lvls to end first!

but who knows, she still didnt give the green light after my exams. -.- saying that changing one's eyebrow shape can affect alot of things, but i dont see any logic in her explanation. so.. i went to do without my mum's consent. LOL.

oh wells, look. she didnt allow me to rebond my hair in the first place. but i did. 2 times, in fact. and she has yet to realise. LOL. i just pull it off with the fact that i did extensions and blah. now now i've done my eyebrow threading. and she've yet to realise it too. haha!

anyways, im sure you girls wanna ask : IS IT PAINFUL?!

er for my case, it wasnt in the least painful. if im not wrong, there are two ways of eyebrow threading. one way is by the traditional plucking (with some strings). the auntie said that if i were to do that way, it would be painful. so she say she'll help me by another way. haha!

well it involves using a small blade to "shave" (is this even the right word?!) and shape it. feeling is like someone using a brush to brush ur eyebrows. (: now i have well defined eyebrows! ♥

oh by the way. i did it at a salon which is just a few blocks away from my house. oh and talking about this, my neighborhood's 12th female salon just opened! hey, i went to count!

back to topic, regarding the previous post.

i've already it's gonna lead to some disatisfaction among my readers. but i hope you understand it is a very broad topic and i cant possibly bring in everything. to people who feel that i am superficial, i hope you've read word for word in my previous post.

you may wish to rattle on about inner character and ecetra, i know i know. and that is why i mentioned appearances. right? i cant possibly bring everything out onto the table. i do hope you respect what i've written, as i've mentioned its just a pov from me and my group of girlfriends.
my words dont meant the final verdict. (:

Replies to tags :

Weifeng : isnt it good? :D hahah. they are going to contribute to ur CCA certificate! (: oh and btw, i may be going for the next yr sec1 orientation camp! (:

shawn- wahh! scold me dumb. roar. ehhh, that one is up to you. LOL :x

Zhiyan- hahah i know! :b some turned already, its ok. XD well, ITE groups.. i shall leave them spared? :x hahaha~

Lawrence- its ok. (: im not that petty to hold a grudge.

##jy__ : hahah. thanks! erm ftw means?

>:( - i hope i've addressed you above. (:

Fabian : errr. tough question lei. i seldom notice people if they are wearing or not wearing. hahaha. well, who's the she? hahahah. your blog has no picture of u! ):

BBQ tomorrow at kaiting's house!

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