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BBQ at Kaiting's house! ((:

well actually its just a small gathering. bbq for no special occasion. hehs. and since she said her house isnt too big, she just invited 12 people! hahah. just between our clique and some guys from our class. :D

met up along the way on the bus 169 and went over to her house! who knows when we alighted at the bustop.. it started to drizzle. and it became a DOWNPOUR! heavy rain, you know. and worse still. since her house is at springleaf avenue there (lotsa bungalows), we turned at the wrong corner and ended up walking one BIG round back!

yea, so ended up 6 of us drenched in the rain. LOL. chijie was more funny. we went to the wrong side ma. then in the rain and infront of other people's houses,

he shouted " KAITING! NI ZAI NA LI ?! " which means where are u laa. hahahah. laughed like hell. :x cause there's no way she could hear us :x

and yea. i disliked wet clothes and so, i borrowed a shirt from her. hahah. fits perfectly! :D
anyways, we went there earlier as shiyun wanted to do something(dont know how to say). see, the floor was littered with my handicraft strings. she wanted to do a pen version, while i just spent my time doing small little keychains.

er, something like that! :D

and while the guys was sweating and trying to start a fire,...

we girls were camwhoring and decorating a xmas tree! :DD

chengmun, eeting and zihan.

tadah! and her xmas tree was a xmas tree with a tilted top. LOL.

and so we bbq-ed! ahhh, i think the best food that day was the corn! simply sweet :D hahah. think we bbq-ed all the way till 10++ before the guys started throwing water bombs :O

LOL. i was about to go off and of course, i steered clear laa! hahaha. i forgot who's butt was wet with water. i just rmb someone had a water bomb exploded on his butt. LOL. stayed till around 10.30 before i packed my things and kaiting's mum fetched me to northpoint! :D

well you see, her mum was afraid i would be abducted by bangalas at the bustop. LOL. afterall her area was SOOO ULU. hmmm hmmmms.

okie, i guess i'll blog till here first as there are still some stuffs which are waiting for me to do. as for my brother'sbdae party, i'll blog them asap once i receive the photos! :D

Replies to tags!

Xiong - linking up soon! :D

Erina - hey! surprised by ur visit. hahah. its okay! xD

Zhiyan - well, isnt much a difference so nothing to see! hahah

Kaixun - hahah well, since when werent you slow? LOL. alrights, visited :D

+PrinceC+ - hahah. npnp! LOL. sure sure!

>:( - well if that's what you say, i cant do anything about it. (: my words dont meant the final verdict yea, buddy. (:

daphne - LOL. haahah. okok i try to FIND where the picture is now. hahah

Shawn- blah. i have selective eyesight and hearing, cant blame. haha. i sees i see. same as fab.

Baolin- hey baolin! hahah. thanks for ur tag! oic.. hahah. sure sure, linking u up soon!

Fabian- hahaha. :x okay okay. erm, i have no photo of urs, how to see lei! haha. what tiny! also not ant!

Weifeng- thanks thanks!

Jeanie- hahaha. yaa not bad not bad. LOL

*dang. im the I/C for the chalet's bbq food! now its back to market prices and stingrays and satays!

** my fringe is nowhere long and nowhere short. its getting irritating!

*** && btw i need an opinion here. should my tagboard remain, or should i change it to those original posts where one can leave their comments at the end of the post. which one would be better?

*** TADAH! new advertisement up my blog. pretty interesting, i would say. help me do their survey or click on them alrights! since its like once in a billion years that an advertising company would chance on my blog.


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