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no laaa. the bookstore/shop im working at is not as exaggerating. LOL.

haha. met up with my aunt at commonwealth (yes i know it IS far) and walked to the school. so there i am at the bookshop of Anglo-Chinese International school. haha. gosh, all their classrooms is like air-conditioned lo! heard that their school fees per month is like a thousand bucks.

school for the rich. hmm hmmmmms.

okay okay. back to topic! their bookshop isnt like those normal school bookshops (take cchy as a good example). in fact, they have a mini Popular bookstore! everything inside looks like Popular lor, (ok im talking crap) just that its a smaller version.

worked just 6hours today! :D and it will gonna be 6hours for the rest of the week. but then.. its tiring! cause today i did mainly unpacking, checking the list, and arranging! gosh. i didnt knew, that 28 CARTONS of books were waiting for me (& my aunt) to unpack. ==

then i had to arrange this shelf full of malay and tamil books. ahhh. hard to arrange, cause on the whole book, there's only 3 english words to indicate what book it is lols.

there isnt a single parent coming here to buy the textbooks for their kids. no one else except a guy who came in to buy sweets and a guy who delivered books. LOL.

you know, within my first hour of work, I BROKE MY NAIL! ahhhh. darn sad can! guess sooner or later the rest of my nails are gonna break too. and within the first 3 hours of work, i sliced my finger (by the edges), accidentally hit my arm against the stacks of books, and stained my hands with red marker until it looked like i was bleeding or what. LOL. (i have to make marking on the boxes, cant blame!)

this is the perfect reason why i would prefer to do sales.

LOL. homed at 3! there are like 8 cameras in a tiny shop lor!
want slack also cannot. ahhh!

spot me!

& YES.


this was what became of my wound after i slip and fell by the road during matt's hsewarming and etc. sometimes, its like soooo itchy but yet i CANT scratch it! if not im gonna leave scars behind. anyway my leg is already full of scars. i have one big (but not really noticeable) scar across my thigh due to an accident lor. sad ahhhhh!

Replies to tags!

Shawn- hahaha. go shopping of course bring girl laaa! guy go there only stand outside shop wait. LOL.

Jenin- LOL. :x you also mahh! XD

Yunhui- yeaa. hehe. but i didnt cut my hair there laaa. so exp! ):

Adeva- adevaaaa! long time since i last saw youuu~ XD

Jeanie- hahah. cause the auntie i know her very well already ma :x go as and when i like. LOL. okay next time i see u, i'll runnnn!

Low- ninja? hahah never see before. i was just wearing a vest! x)

Weifeng- hey! :D

Shuang- thnks for d tag!

Passerby- oh hellos. nice yahoo url you left behind. hahas. thanks for the tag anyways! youre?

Thew- LOL. since when i didnt camwhore lei! hahaha. okie i wont chiong. just lvl 113 now. (((:

Kaiting- ahhhh finally one blog! hahah. you gave me a big shock! xD cya soon alrights! :D

*parents, please pour into the bookstore tmr as im simply rotting away, and i dont wanna copy down barcode labels tomorrrow! well, thats what my aunt assigned me to do. ahh.

** ahh. i really feel like abandoning my tagboard and change them to those 'leave a comment' type! :x

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