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haha. this pict is darn cool. i like!

okay anyways, there's seriously something to get off my chest! i've been like argueing with my mum pretty often nowadays over the matter of POLY or JC. crap. all my relatives are trying to brainwash me! cant you guys just leave me a choice to choose which path i want to take in my life?

im super pissed off. YES, MY FINAL GOAL IS A UNI, but it doesnt means i cant get into uni from a poly! just days back, my mum found my bro's JAE book (years ago) where she came across a line something like this : "For O lvl graduates who scored 12 points or less for their L1R5, and wishes to go to University, it is most advisable to choose a JC"

so, whoopie whoopie, JC, JC. what's the big deal? i dont understand. at any given opportunity, she'll start saying about the H2 subjects and H1 subjects, taking which subject and everything. like as if im dead set for a JC.

even at work, my aunt is trying to brainwash me. everyone is. at lunch hours, she'll tell me jc and blahhhh~ saying what poly is a total mixture of good and bad apples and BLAH. since my uncle is teaching at NP.

and back to my whole family tree. my relatives just kept saying the same line to me. " Girl ah, must go JC okay? go JC then can go UNI easier. Must help the girls to "zheng yi kou qi" ah."

yea. i dont know if i should rejoice or what, im the eldest girl in the whole family tree yea. my eldest cousin had already graduated from Uni. and so, no girls had yet to got into any university. so there there i am. i am to shoulder the responsibility of helping the girls to "zheng yi kou qi". ok i dont know how to translate.

as it appears that im still the brainy granddaughter so FAR. i have alot of super young cousins.

so yea. as im heading for 17 next year, i still seemed like a 5year old kid who doesnt know how to make choices in their eyes. okay, i know they're concerned. but, at least let me have the right to choose?

i know what i want.
i know what im heading for.
i know what im getting myself into.
i know where's my goal.

Im NOT saying that i simply detest the idea of a junior college to the core, neither did i say i am NOT going to get into a JC. i just hate the idea of people constricting my choices, my freedom. this mean alot to me.

i know what's best for me myself, as i myself would want to go to a university. that had always been my goal ever since i started my kindergarten when i was 5years old.

im considering and weighing both JC and poly in my mind. but can you just please please let me even choose for myself? the more you're restricting me from heading to a poly, the more i WANT. its like a spring. you have to handle it well. so even if i chose a JC by then, and IF i did badly, i wouldnt be putting the blame on you. cause that was what i CHOSE. that was what i WANTED.

i know about the competitiveness im gonna face if i chose the Poly route. but if i were to choose a poly, how sure are you that i wouldnt get into a uni? how sure are you that i will fare badly? how sure are you that i'll go wild? how sure are u that poly is a place for people who doesnt know how to study?

Irritated. what era are we in now? yes you may say your thoughts are much more open minded. but i DONT think so.

time and time again, how many people have said that poly and jc have changed much over time? Poly are no longer schools solely for those who cant get into a JC. Poly are no longer schools solely for people who cant study? have you ever went to see the courses where cut off points are as low as a single digit?

i've asked you to attend talks organised by schools about JC and Poly. yet time and again you didnt want. yet now, you're still giving me all this old fashioned thinking. i dont care about the first impressions that im gonna give people when i say im a jc or poly student.

you kept mumbling about the impressions which im gonna give people. but i DONT care. as long as i get the grades i want, im successful in my own way. i dont study just to satisfy people, just to give people good IMPRESSIONS. i study and strive for what i want in life.

the results are mine. the route which im gonna walk would be mine. even if i fell, i have nobody to blame for, cause that's the way i wanted.

you're just simply denying the facts. plain biased. its pissing me OFF, totally. all u know are just the cons of poly, and just the pros of a JC. how about turning things round? there are more and more places offered in the uni for poly students, and in poly, you get to learn skills which you may fall back on in time. while in JC, yes the percentage of people going to uni is high, but have u ever noticed the number of people retained in their JC years?

and there was this auntie who mentioned that her neighbour's son, did badly in JC. and ended up wasting to 2 years as he continued his studies in a poly after JC.

have you ever took note of the newspaper and forums? how many university graduates who didnt score well cant even land their ass on a job? they dont have outstanding results, just an A lvl certificate. but face it, an A lvl cert cant get u far other than a place in uni.

all my point is, im not trying to argue with u that i AM going to poly and NOT to jc. i may be heading for JC. all im asking from you is to leave me with my choices. its not like you dont know me at all. i hate to have people constricting me.

i hate constrictions. i detest them.
i jolly well know what im doing. im no longer your that ignorant girl in her adolescent years.

Im not angry nor anything. just want to get something off my mind. so stop telling me to cool down, or blah. i AM very cooled down right now. (:

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