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hahah so cute right! :D ok laa anyways, im back to blog. ahahah.

okay before i start with anything..


hahaha. my aunt just called me this afternoon to ask me report for work next monday. Its under Popular, whereby i sell books in a school (not sure which) in Commonwealth. hahah. heard that working there is super slack. and better still, im working under my aunt. LOL.

shaun landed his ass on a job first, while inez is still trying dont know which agency. hmmms. anyway, my that job would be part time! i get to knock off once i finish the stuffs. (: whoopie whoopies!

Matt's Housewarming w His & Samuel's Bdae Celebration (:

guess what. this morning 5am i was lying on the bed, pondering what time i should set my alarm clock to, so that i can reach yishun mrt by 12noon. who knows.. before i even set the alarm, I FELL ASLEEP! ahhhhhhh!

so i got chased out of my dreams by samuel's call to demand my whereabouts. LOL. guess i was late for an hour. im so sorry guys! you all must still be at his house! so sad, my mum disapproved of me staying overnight at somebody else's house.

his house is pretty big for a condo, i would say.

and its darn cool with a balcony sitting on the 20th's storeyy! :D
for those who are scared of heights, try standing there. looking down. hahaha.

anyways, personally im not afraid of heights. so his balcony is darn cool to me.
when it rains, it gives u the feeling as thou you're at Genting!

anyways after putting down our belongings, we went to the coffeeshop at parkway parade for lunch! and who knows on the way, i slipped and fell while i was just about to cross a traffic light. maybe its the pavement that is slippery or my slippers had no more friction. rawrrr.

didnt bleed. dont worry. but my ankle's left with some scratches. hmmmms. ok and yes. we got drenched in the rain after dinner while heading back. it seems that im getting drenched in the rain nowadays eh. :0

and btw we played mahjong on a table at the balcony.

this set belongs to celesta, as she borrowed my phone to take. :D
celesta, kope from here if you cant find me online. XD

went down to the condo's function room after winning 7 bucks from mahjonging. hahaha. since some of us didnt bring clothes, we decided to play pool instead of swimming.

sadly, this condo doesnt have any pool table! its just BILLARD. billard table with billard balls. hmmms, i dont know how to play billard and its like, half sian already. but.. i took this opportunity to learn how to play!

eh, is it beginner's luck or something. i was the big winner for the first round. (4 players), finishing off with 60++ points. hey, im new a billard ok!
who knows for the second round, i was the big loser. LOL. i finished off with just 40 points. boohoo. ok nvm. i know how to play billard now :DD i got compliments that my pool skills improved! :DDDDD

and by the time we finish billard, its already 10. so slacked around awhile before i gotta rush home. its always me! cause i have a curfew. at an age of 16, hitting 17. ahh crap. i missed the cake cutting thing, and its super sad! no cake to eat. LOL.

but i guess i managed to run away from cake smashing (-.-)!

bused to suntec before i trained home with edwin, yoonghin and hibree? (omg i dont know his name). ok so yea. i reach home at 12+. and here i am blogging. fast eh! :DDD guess i provided some entertainment for those who tonned overnight at matthew's house. (:

Replies to tags!

Shawn - nth to do, then camwhore la! haha. yeaaa i did extensions. and yeaa i changed my phone. LOL.

Weifeng- heyys! (:

Fabian- hahaha. okok. tiny human ok? LOL. aiya, it isnt the first time anyway xD

Andy - hahah thanks for the compliment eh :D

Homey- should i say welcome back? hhahah.

Zhiyan- perhaps its due to the fact that i photoshopped them! XD hahaha

Jeanie- ahh, dont hate me la. i love you so much! hahahah

S - i straighted my hair at my friend's auntie's house. (: she has a little balcony there which she converted to a small hairdressing area. Marsling. (:

before the next thing i knew,
i was standing right behind you.

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