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hahah. finally, a sound system for my computer~ *jumps about my room. you know, i've been using my pathetic speakers from my monitor for almost a year! and whatever music which was played sounded so DEAD.

so yesterday, i was still pondering what i should get for my very belated birthday present from my dad. and so i decided - i want a sound system like the one which my brother has!

who knows, this morning when i woke up. my bro was like asking me to accompany him to go down to suntec, as he wanted a new sound system and speakers. and maybe he would pass me his current one. WAHAHA. :DDD not bad, i accompany him to suntec, to and fro by cab! :D my bro macam so rich.

but its good when my bro's feeling generous. LOL. now im simply loving my sound system. especially when the speakers are for bass! :D happy!

meow. LOL. went to Yishun Avenue 2 there de coffeeshop. or rather, the Thai Cuisine place laa. hahah. as usual crowded with people. and my mum felt generous today and so brought us there for dinner. by cab again! LOL. my family members are feeling generous. hmm hmmms.

anyways, saw quite a few cchyians there working part time as waiters. hehs. and i was trying to peel of the prawn shell, when i dropped the prawn on the floor. -.- beside me. hehs, chor lor. cant blame.

and my mum was like saying : "Later the cats come then you die ah."
Me : "aiya come then come luh"

who knows as i ate halfway, a cat really came to eat it. and sat beside me, looking at me. HAHA. my mum nearly freaked out. cause she's scared that it might scratch her or something. but its uber cuteee. kept looking at me then meow meow meow.

XD ok anyways, after dinner, walked home. T.T ok laaa. burn off calories. :D


ok anyways, im sure i have sent invited to many people as i've changed my email address! (:

till date, i've used my previous email (niteskygal@hotmail.com) for 3 whole years already! and its seriously time for a change, cause it sounded so kiddish. so, i made a new one today!

add me at Justjaslin@hotmail.com :D
Justjaslin is gonna be my signature sooner or later luh. LOL. but its not easy when it comes to changing email. i have to re-edit so many of my accounts! like friendster, asiasoft, and many many more.

worse still, i have to re sort out my 550+++ contacts. God bless yea. =/

and crap, i have work tomorrow..

Replies to tags!

Kaiting - oh heys! yup we are all going! (: you're going as well right? :D

Andy- blah. jump your head ah. haha

Homey - LIKE ME! LOL.

Shawn- of course~ wahaha. my girlfriends steady de. LOl. eh.. good you know that. ahahha. must watch with twilight-fans. i have a big poster on my cupboard door! :D

Fabian- AHEM* good image ar... okay LUH. LOL. yes yes yes im a psychic! mali-mali-bomb!

*im dying for a white blogskin now. crap!

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