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Happy Birthday Mum. (:

now i wont be elaborating much about it. since my mum wishes to keep low profile. and i'll be dead me if she finds out about my blog. oh wells.


i believe you guys had noticed the change in my blog. (again) with everything enlarged! hmmms, some told me that my fonts were too small and made their eyes pain. and somehow, i agreed with them after i change the font and size! looks neater and spacious. ((:

should be more comfortable for your eyes! (: i guess im keeping my blog post short for today as im pressed for time. stay tuned tomorrow!

cause kaixun had just struck with me some ideas, and for tomorrow, i am going to blog about..


nah, not too much about gender discrimination. LOL. louis put that label on me after a previous entry about guys after marriage. hahah. i've done some blog surf for some time, and i realised most people are just blogging about girls.

with topics like : "JC or Poly Girls prettier?" (sounds familiar eh)

so, why not blog about guys. haha. from girls' point of view! juicy entry coming up! now if i have time for tommorow, i'll have the playlist changed too. i know it gets pretty stale after listening to them for some time.

Replies to tags!

##jy™__ : hmmm you're? haha anyways, point taken! & im sure the blog is better looking now. :x

Andy- hahah. well, see how lo. since im also not too pressed for money. HAHA. earn for extra cash only ma. spade ah, i see how ba. its not very attractive with the pay given!

Shawn- oops paiseh. have alot friends called shaun and shawn until i mixed up. LOL. well, sure can one la. ask them bring their gfs out also can. hmm what's XXM?

Lawrence- hmmms, why wanted? dont get it. some weird sense of humour again huh? hur hur.

Weifeng- hahah. trying to. (: dont worry la. gain some experience also good! and that line, i should leave it for you as well. play all you want now! upper secondary is a complete change (:

Josephin- ohh you are? haha. thanks for ur tag anyway!

Hannah- ohhh. point taken! thnks alot. ((: maybe i'll give vivo a miss.. too far! hahah. thanks again! i'll pass on the note to my friends xD

Jeanie- i did extensions! *wink

Anne- hahah. CYA tmr!

do tell me if the blog is better looking now alrights?
or perhaps any more areas to improve on. (:

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