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haha. i remembered i was still whining this morning about how im rotting away at home. who knows, i flew to town this afternoon! luckily mandie darlinq was free today! smsed her and she's like "okay!" hahaha. bathed and headed for far east plaza (:

its a long time ever since darlinq and i went out together! lots of things to catch up with. its like we talked non-stop! XD

ok back to topic, :x wanted to get a haircut at far east but its like bloody expensive! $35 for an haircut for student price. decided to cut at my neighborhood in the end. cash tight! must saveee.

anyways, accompanied darlinq for hair extensions! ((: she did 30 strands like me. heard that clarrie may be doing hair extensions tmr. hahah. i think im like a regular customer, cause the person who did my extensions saw me 3 times in the shop. LOL.

now we have longggg hair! :D it suddenly seems to me that my previous length was short! ahh, whatever. hahaha. walked around far east in dismay. cause either the things there are too expensive, or there's nothing that caught our eye.

darlinq was mentioning bugis sells nicer clothes. so i decided to head for bugis! it wasnt bad a choice, cause darlinq bought her wallet and some tops, while i managed to buy a dress, blacktop, and a hand accessory. :DD its been long since i ever shopppped, okay!

dinnered at pastamania before we headed home! (: wanted to have my haircut but its closed alr. T.T tomorrow then. although my mum strongly forbids me on cutting my hair.

i wanna have a change of style of dressing! if not its always tanktop with hotpants. i wanna something punk with a bit of gothic :D but then........ the things are expensive laa. T.T

Replies to tags!

Shawn- replied via tagboard. (:

sL- relinking soon! (:

Celesta- np! hahaha. looking forward to ur update eh xD

Yiluan- heyyy! long time no see~

Samuel - np! hope u had a happy early 18th bdae celebration! (:

Zhiyan- hehe. well they are heavily photoshopped, for some. :x hahah. is ur leg alright already? (:

Xinwei- alrights! hehe. ♥ thanks for accompanying me today yaa! hahaha

*i think i might shock my mum to death with the haircut im thinking. :0 should i or should i not? but i want another hairstylee. ahhh!

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