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im so sorry for the lack of updates over the past one or two days! :x but still, wish everyone a


well, christmas didnt came with much activities this year for me. i countdown at home with my bro at home. LOL. and on xmas day, planned to visit my grandma with my mum one. who knows, before i even woke up, my mum already left the house. LOL.

was gaming halfway when shaun smsed me. HAHA. ok la! i know i got no life. LOL. and shaun repeatedly says he cant believe im staying at home. LOL. who knows, we decided to go out for movie! :D watched twilight. like oh-so-finally. wanted to run a movie marathon with shaun and inez, where we'd catch Yes Man after twilight. but inez was tired, so nevermindd then. :D

it kinds of feels great going out with both of them. with the frequent teasing and everything. hahaha. unlike going out with others, i'll usually have to watch my behavior and try to be DEMURE, or if i go out with guys, i'd have to take note of my actions so as not to give the other party the wrong message or something. STRESS YOU KNOW!

but when it comes to going with them, nothing to worry one. LOL. i can be as chor-lor as i want and no worries about giving people wrong message or blah. haha. just like, being myself. :D

ohya speaking of Twilight, i guess i have no need to give the review or anything, as i guess im among the later ones who caught this movie. as im a twilight fan, i admit (LOL), my views about the movie will be completely biased laa! so no need to say. (okay actually im lazy as well)

the movie skipped quite alot of details and etc. a lil tad bit disappointed. but i suggest you read the novel before watching, else you'd have a hard time figuring what they're doing. they seemed to talk super fast that i can hardly catch up with their conversations! okay, i rate it 4/5! :D

and anyways,


hahah. i koped this picture from her blog. so credits to her. XD
you know, yesterday was so drama-mama for me. as i took 2hours++ to reach her chalet! in short, I TRAVELLED the whole of Singapore yesterday. serious, except for chinese garden, boonlay, simei and changi.

as my work ended at 3pm, i decided to make my way there myself. since nic and others were meeting at yishun. so, dumb ass me, i thought that her chalet would either be at coastasands/aloha, so i didnt bothered to ask where it is,

and i trained from commonwealth mrt to pasir ris mrt station! from far west to far east. pro huh. train ride took me an hour. so when i reach pasir ris, i got out of the mrt and called clarlynn. who knows, her chalet is at Goldkist! east coast park that side. dengggg.

i could have got off at dhoby ghaurt and bused there. roarr. so nvmm. i trained to bedok (-.-) and searched for this bus 401. i went to the right side of the mrt station (whr interchange is a short walk from there), i couldnt find the bus at the bustop below. so.. i walked back to mrt and went to the other side.

also cannot find!! and the thought of walking back to the other side (have to walk past mrt again) to find the interchange tires me. and in the end, i cabbed there. LOL. by the time i reached her chalet it's 5++pm already. LOL.

yes this chalet. took me in circles around and around the east and west of sg -.-

stayed around for bbq and ban-luck till 9.30 like that before we went home. ): no cake-cutting, cause clarlynn was still waiting for her cousin. oh wells, nvm thennn. :D and the ban-luck, make me so angry! LOL. you know why? cause played alot rounds, and its like, for me still NO WIN NO LOSE! back to my original $3.50 despite playing 50cents per round.

and if im not wrong, clinton(should be) lost almost 8bucks. LOL. okay so in the end, i lost a dollar. hmm hmmms. anyways, took bus to dhoby ghaurt and trained back. took 2 hours as well. LOL. reached home at 11.30 like that.

see, i travelled the whole of sg today (: hahah. you know, i left the comp on and went to sleep ytd night again. gosh.

i had a weird dream ytd. i dreamed of my PA friends. some of my friends and even my online friends. LOL. but it wasnt a pleasant dream either. =\

Replies to tags!

Nectaline- hahas its okay.. i learnt not long ago as well! :D merry xmas too!

Shawn- lol fine fine. xmm~ .___. hahah. its not that. im just complaining why cant u all play at yishun safra. LOL. merry xmas as well :D

Zhiyan- hahaha. i where got... you then sleep alot. LOL. well, i was kidding. hehe. merry xmas as well! (: nah i didnt get any presents. cause didnt did any xmas exchange :x economic crisis! XD haha

Kenneth- hahas. pretty tag. thanks and merry xmas to you too! :D

Jeanie- oh no laa. cause i thought i was going to ahma house on xmas. hehe. XD

weifeng- oh hey! :D when's next yr sec 1 orientation camp ah? :x

*i just did a calculation, and i realised the longest time i can stay awake on a day (excluding chalets) are within 18~20 hours only. LOL. and i'll blackout afterthat. thats why i left my comp on for so many nights. hehs.

**and i found a job replacement! thanks alot to deyi ! hahah deyi i totally love u! LOLS.

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