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okay. as there are some activities coming up YOUR way,
i'll blog about the PARTY THEME WEAR here first.

if all goes well, either kaiting/shiyun/me would posting this up to class blog!
so dont worry, everybody will get in the funn! :DD

this is just a raw copy by me. kaiting will be doing one up on her blog too :D after some editing it'll be finalised! so.. you may ask, WHAT EXACTLY is this?!

Person A : "what?!?!?! what is this?! party theme wear at a chalet? aint we headings for the bikes and roller bladeas?!"

Person B : "ITS A PARTAYE!! its like you wear clothes of different themes and we'll do many things tgt! oh come on, of how many chalets do u get something like THIS?! you want also dont have arh!"

Person A : "ohh i wanna go on bikes and rollerblades and my escape theme park is waiting for me!!! "

Person B : "oh dont worry. all these are included! we have alot of time slots alocated for various events! now come get your party gear and DRESS UP! prizes are waiting for the best dressed group that relates to their given theme. GET IN THE FUN! you're not gonna miss it. :D"

yeap. so thats about it! for more information, please do refer to Shiyun(IC) and Kaiting! (: im just helping out with advertising! and yepps. to ensure a fair draw, we have listed 10 different theme wears! (: followed by drawing lots to see where you ended up with.

The 10 Theme wear includes : Punk, Prince&princess, beachwear, Retro, Hiphop, Sports, Kawaii, Amibitions, Rebellious and Geek wear!

each group will consist of 4 persons, so do check out which group u belongs to!

now dont staring at the screens with your jaws dropped :x wells, unless you do have VIOLENT objections, kaiting would kindly ask our dear classmates to stay in the group they'll been assigned to from drawing of lots. :x so if u do have violent objections, :b do sms kaiting. :D

okay for some of the themes, since not all would know how to dress up like one or etc, here's a little tip! :D dont have to be so exagerating on all la! :D okay something which i must say in advance, not all tips from me. :D did some brainstorming and discussion with kaiting and shiyun! :D

the below pictures are credited to yahoo and google. hahas. first right up, with have...


Info : okay im so glad i landed into punk. make things easier for me. whoopies! okay back to track. im just gonna anyhow say since we're all going to anyhow dress up and anyhow showcase. LOL.

okay for punk. you may wish to like do something to your hair (scene hair most preferred), wear a hoodie, and act emo. eyeliners and black eyeshadows are free for u to abuse. LOL. got example above, so i shall save the explanation! :D

Prince & Princess!

Info : ever dreamt of having a chance to dress up like one? now here's ur chance! you have all the liberty to wear your crown hairbands and dresses/skirts (if you have) for girls! :D if you dont have, lets do an impromtu one. grab a tablecloth/anything suitable and wrap it around as a skirt or something! LOL. thats obviously crap, but just let ur brain juices flow! :DDD

wires provided if you girls wanna do a tiara!

and as for the guys. dont worry! tuxedos and bows are very much welcomed. you'll look smart! now dont worry about the tuxedos. grab a black cloth and feel free to do anything with it. :x senseless talk anyways. but dont worry too much!

maskin tape provided!


Info : hah. i guess this is the ever most common one you've seen! ever since kindergarten. its all about ur ambitions, ur ambitions and UR AMBITIONS!

now here's a chance to dress up like one! like for example, if you've always dreamt of being a BUTCHER (LOL), make urself a chopper made of cardboard or anything laa! :D


Info : ah. SIMPLE! guess i'll save the explanations. jerseys and etc! depends of which sport u choose! :D you can also bring your equipment! for example, you could just use waterbottles as dumbells! :D


Info : now no bikinis allowed in case the chalet would be flooded by the guys who'll be nose-bleeding! nah im just kidding.

hehs. get a spagetti strap top/some scarfs and tadah! the job is done! for guys, tanktops berms and a volleyball in hand would also make the look perfect! :D just get creative! :D

hmmms. the one who's least participating would be pushed into the pool! LOL. naw im just kidding. :D


Info : YO! for the hiphop wannabes, jump at the chance! come on, grab all your streetwear out from your cupboard! okay im not trying to ask u guys to splurge or buy any clothes specially for this ok! you may wish to borrow from friends! :D

caps, oversized print tees (for guys), b-boy wear, whacky tanktops(for girls) and berms would make the final look fine! let the hiphop feel radiate from u! who knows, you all may be sabo-ed to do a performance! :DD now rmb, caps are the key!


Info : hahahs. for this, you may wish to do anything about ur shirts and top! just those typical ahlians and ahbengs in this case! :DD easy peasy!


Info : keypoint, get ready your ten-continuous pose (aka the 10-LIAN-PAI!) i guess this would be no problems for YOU! hahaha. u just need to act cute act cute! act cute buey cute also nevermind! :DD hahaha. peace sign!

for the clothings, mini skirts, cute tops and cute ponytails are all welcomed! as for the guys, congrats. how about adding a ribbon clip to your hair? :DDD


Info : GO VINTAGE! for guys, you may wish to wear suspenders with berms, and collared checkered shirt! as for girls, bangles, dress, high waise skirts, big hairbands, headscarfs and others accesories! LD those ahgogo kind! :DDD


Info : WHERE ARE MY THICK BLACK RIMMED GLASSES?! hahah. im sure geek wear is still pretty in nowadays. hahah. suspenders, shirts buttoned right up to the top, and highwaisted pants! hahah.

speak and act as nerdy geeks! now this would be the highly anticipated theme as the people under this theme are the crazy ones! now watch out for them and prepare to laugh ur head off during the chalet! :D

SOUNDS INVITING FOR YOU? :D dont worry too much about the clothings, as you can always make one out of unwanted clothes! remember the activity we did at red camp where we dressed Sinren as sailormoon?! thats totally awesome! :D

REMEMBER : maskin tapes, ribbons and wires (perhaps for making of tiara) would be provided! and enough time would be allocated for you to prepare on the day itself. just bring the materials! :D

its the first gathering we've done so far after our O lvls and its time we should let our hair down!! we've known each others for 2 whole years! some maybe more. what's there to be shy for?

bring down any clothes that related to your respective themes and PARTICIPATE in this party theme wear! sounds crazy? yes we are! since when are we aint crazy about such stuffs! :D cya soon on the 4th of JANUARY!

Disclaimer :

*the above clothing suggestions are purely anyhow made up for this activity! so critics, critisms kept to yourself would be most appreciated! :D

*this is a raw post, and some editing will be done here and there from time to time. :D

*this post is dedicated for 4H08 people only. (:

*comments on this post would preferable be not allowed. if there is, moderation of comments will be done.

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