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my workplace! :D



okay, first things first,


its PING AN YE today!
yes and i like the word, PING AN YE! :D

hahah. moreover, it had been raining for the whole day, with a rainy night! ♥ my love! i know many like breezy days, sunny days, but i like rainy days. :D

i spent a lonely xmas eve! ): darn sad. cause so many people went overseas today! roar. so its me and my lover called Mr.Comp. hahah.

and anyways, for ytd, after my work, i was intending to meet up with fabian at yishun safra to play pool. and since its so near my house, i just brought my fbt to change after my work, and im lazy to dress up that day. so i just wore my oversized dance tee to work. LOl.

who knows when i was heading back to yishun, that dumb fabian ask me go town. ROAR! i was still saying how casual i wore and i didnt feel like going town. he didnt even tell me beforehand! then ltr i say i dont want go already then he super angry. HAHA. ok laaa. then in the end, after negotiations, we decided to go Amk play. -.-

but then.. dance tee with fbt and a big bag to amk also very throw face laa! ended up i have to rush home, change then rush down to amk again. zzz~

met up with fabian, shawn and another 2 of their friends at kpool. darnnnn, i lost quite a few games! and that stupid fabian. i let him won cause i accidently pocket in the black ball. =.= ok la, but the last game when we played a bet, i won! hahahah. he called me noooob! stupid noob. LOl.

played til around 7 before we headed back yishun! (: walked around the night market there. saw one top which im super tempted to buyyyy! goshh. bought a few stuffs before heading home. hehs.

gosh. i need a job replacement sooooon! january is making its way here and i have no job replacement yet! gosh, cheap money who wantttttt? its just 9am-3pm! ):

Replies to tags :

Kenneth- hahas life's been fine. (: well, i was online just now. haha

Zhiyan- yet another, PIG! hahah. ok glad u recovered. come we go out run tmr! LOL. yeaa that was my thinking. get results then say. hahah

Anne- replied at ur blog! :D

Kaixun- yar i halfway then rmb. LOLS.

Jeanie- hahah. okay okay! :D think im gonna see you tmr. :D

Shawn- LOl. i said im alr very chilled out rights. -.- alamak. okok fine. im ah lian ah hua ah beng. lol. yaa but what i meant is that im finding people who are twilight fans as well. lols.

Nectaline- ohh sure sure. link you right up soon! :D

Andy- haha yea.. thanks :D

Prince- how can i forgot! your chalet is from 26~27?


anyways.. i received sunshine's letter by slow mail! super touched. maybe i would blog about the contents? :b see how. toodles all!

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