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okay okay, i got some feedback that the previous post was pretty gore which made people's stomachs turn. so yeap. my photos! :D

Today's job interview was totally blasted!

well you see, we were told to go down Pastamania today for a job interview. so, met up with inez shaun and eddie before heading over. guess what?

they said they had enough staff and simply said that the outlets hiring people are either at United Square (novena) and WestMall (Bukit Batok) . Gosh. So they just ask us to fill in an application form, while they fax it over to the novena, and asks us to WAIT for their call if they're hiring. which means another round of interview.

not just that, they made us sit there so long to wait for the application form and in the end we still did not land our arses on any job. yet.

Why just full timers needed?!

this is yet another thing which pisses me off. after Pastamania, we decided not to just sit around to wait for their call. so we went down to Amk hub, on hearing that NewYork NewYork might be hiring. but yet again.. full timers needed only ):

we went to almost every possible shop to ask for a job but either they're not hiring, or they just want FULL TIMERS. arghhh. well, we still filled in some application forms. like for Anderson's IceCream cafe, Spade's (Men's apparels), City Chain, Popular, and a few others which i did not leave behind my contact no.

as im not very interested in F&B, the one im interested in so far is only the Spade's. hahah this one is something funny which im gonna blog about. we went into the shop and we asked

Shaun : "erm, are you all hiring?"
Manager : "oh we're just hiring girls."
Inez : "oh just nice, we're trying to look for a job"

so on and so forth, its a full timer job btw. $1000 a month for a 6 day week. i calculated out and its like 4bucks per hour. its only when u work more than 3months you'll get a pay rise to $1200. ahhhh. whatever. nope this is not the funny part.

the funny part is, shaun is ranting how unfair the society is. cause most of the men's apparel's shops are hiring only girls/ladies. guys not unwanted. LOL. then he ranted about how unfair it is and they just want girls to seduce the guys to come in and shop. LOL.

blah and blah blah. filled in the application form and left. be noticed by next week. uncertainties again! i freaking hate uncertainties. cant a shop just confirm with us like within 3 working days or something. most of the shops just say, "oh, you may wish to go home first and wait for their call"

but usually in this case, their calls never come one lor. some application forms which we've filled in, they said that we can only be confirmed a week later. by then we'd have rotted till heaven already. ahhhh!

we are like despos on the streets desperate for a job!

im now currently waiting for my fren to reply me about his lobangs. so now, our status is still..


now dont be confused, both photos are different (:

i know not much of you are interested in the tiny little words and all you guys want are just photos! sadly, i didnt took much pictures. just me me and me!

Replies to tags :

Lawrence- blah blah black sheep?

Shaun- lols, of course i am, but doesnt mean i am never going there. hahah. well, most guys go there to hook up girls LOL. ehh, grab any of your friends lo (:

Homey- LOL. nevermind. friend feedbacked to me. and having restrictions about how i should deal with my hair puts me off!

Weifeng- yupp! having fun! until sian already. i wan work! LOL.

Zhiyan- ahhh nevermind. maybe i gave up pastamania's idea already. since its in the town area, might as well find a better paying job :x

im super cash strapped till i restrained myself to having one meal per day!
see, im that broke. ):
tomorrow's my mum's birthday!
shall i make her a card?

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