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opps. sorry for viewing the same old post when u guys came over the past one or two days! was really really tired and i left my comp on for the past three nights! cause i fell asleep infront of the computer! =x ok this month's electricity bill's gonna explode. cause my lights were on too!

you know, its the first time during the holidays that im DYING for the day and week to pass faster. cause of the job! its like morning pass very fast. but after my lunch hour, im looking up to the clock on the wall every 15~30 minutes. LOL. cause there isnt any customer!

anyways, i got chided to smsing during work. so if i didnt reply ur messages dont blame me! =x ok la anyway, shixuan smsed me to go to his cousin's xmas party at bukitbatok at night. with my usual clique laaa. ((:

im super angry with my hair spray!

cause i couldnt find the one i wanted at watson's or guardian, i anyhow bought another brand.
i did a "scene" hair, and its uber nice back at home. who knows as the time passes, its effect wore off! grrs.

okay i went out with shiyun deardear, kaiting, deyi, shixuan, szegee and junfei. (:

and cause i had work till three and i have to rush home from commonwealth to bathe and etc, i was late laa. so met them at the condo there. [Hillgate, if im not wrong] and it turned out to be the fact that this party was Shixuan's cousin's friend's party instead of his cousin's party. and so that night i went to my friend's cousin's friend's party. LOL.

and it seemed like a fact that i've been running from north to west and west to north very frequently nowadays -.- anyways, the party started once everyone was here. if im not wrong its a party organised by some of his church friends, and there wasnt a single adult present ytd :D

the party was rather christian-like. and the people who came, came from different parts of singapore laa. cause they're just church friends. hahah. first time i attended a party like this. started off with some ice-breaking games and dinnered!

everyone started to mingle around. all of them were very friendly :D anyways, their food was pretty nice i would say :D just some homecooked food which they brought. (: and we all chatted with them like where to go after collecting Os, etc etc. like getting to know each other laa (:

ok kaiting made this for shiyun and me. :D

shixuan should thank me for taking an emo pict for him. LOL. i was trying to snap kaiting and its only when i got home, i realised that shixuan looked so emo. haha!

deyi the turkey man. LOL. he took lots of turkey for us laa! ended up that each of us only took a piece or two. hehs.

shiyun deardear and me :D
ok i look uber shag. check out my eyebags! boohoo.

following up was some xmas caroling and singing of songs. and since they're mostly christian songs, just followed them anyhow sing. :x afterall the lyrics which they wrote on a board was too smallllll.

so after a song or two, did some xmas gift exchange. ((: they had an interesting way of exchanging gifts. hehs. okay i got cookies again. xD

and subsequently, we broke off into groups of guys and girls, and some of them shared their experience on how God have and had touched their lives. some were quite touching you know, like how God had helped them to walk out of their adolecent and dark lives which they use to led. how they felt that God was real.

okay but still, im still proud to be a Buddhist, and we are! xD cause none of us were christians.

deyi has lousy camera skills :x LOL.
ok laa kidding. the picts were blurry due to his unstable hands and partly, my night mode. XD

dont understand what they're trying to do?

haha! priority seat! okay i know there's nothing wrong with it.
but since shixuan and i were siting on priority seats. he laughed at me when he sat down

SX : "hahaha jaslin, you're an old woman. so u sat there"
ME : "LOL you also lor can! also sitting on priority seat. old man!"

then szegee was mentioning about shixuan being the person with a child sitting on his lap ma. so he gave shixuan his soft toy (which he suaysuay got for xmas gift exchange) and they copied the posture. LOL.

anyways, homed and 12mid. :D

Replies to tags!

Weifeng- yupp! but working with her its like working alone ma. haha.

Homey- :DDD

Shawn- hahaha. nvm laa. replacement found :D

Kaiting- anywhere you want? XD

Thew- ahhhh. dont bluff yourself. LOL! XD

Liyin- alrights, linking you up soon! XD

Hannah- alrights. shall send you an offline message soon. (((: tc!

*omg my twilight movie! i wanna watch! any twilight fans? :D

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