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okay there's just a small survey to do. xD

1. Person who tagged me is?
♥ Jeanie (:

2. Your relationship with her/him is?
♥ my lover! hahah. just my cousin (:

3. Your 5 Impressions of her/him is?
♥ Thin, tanned, vain (like me!), crazy, funny.

4. The most memorable thing he/she has done?
♥ i only rmb her grabbing me to camwhore with her! :x opps

5. If she/he becomes your lover,you will?
♥ i already mentioned she's my lover! haha

If he/she becomes your lover, things he/she need to improve on?
♥ love me love me love. she doesnt love me now!

7. If he/she becomes your enemy how?
♥ no more people to take picture lor! XD

8. What izzit you want to tell him/her now?
♥ Im not les! LOL.

9. Your Overall impression of him/her is?
♥ crazy cousin. :x

10. How do you think people around you feel bout you?
♥ someone very random?

11. the Characters You Love Bout yourself are?
♥ super hyper and outgoing.

12. For The People who cares say something to them.
♥ you girls are loveed!

Choose 10 ppl To be Tagged

1. Mandie darlinq
2. Zhiyan
3. Inez
4. Andy
5. Shawn
6. Celesta
7. Anne
8. Nicolette
9. Kaixun
10. Fabian

13. Who is No. 6 having a relationship with?
♥ [Celesta] She's singlelicious!

14. If No.7 and No.10
♥ [Anne&Fab] Oh no. way bad.

15. What is no.2 Studying about?
♥ [Zhiyan] Guess its business?

16. When Was The Last you chatted with no.3?
♥ [inez] Just today!! hahah

17. What Songs does no 7. Likes?
♥ [Anne] songs from show?

18. Does no.1 Have Any Sibs?
♥ [Mandie] yeap, a younger brother. :D

19. Would you Woo No.8?
♥ [Nicolette] ohhh. maybe maybe! :D

20. How bout no.7?
♥ [Anne] hahaha. not bad a choice as well :x

21. Is No.4 Single?
♥ [Andy] nope, taken & booked.

22. whats the Surname of No.5?
♥ [Shawn] Chin? should be.

23. whats The Hobby Of No.10?
♥ kacau-ing people. =.=

24. Do no.5 and No.9 Get well together?
♥ [shawn&kaixun] think they duno each other ba.

25. Where Does no.9 Live?
♥ [kaixun] SEMBAWANG!

26. What Colours Does No.4 Likes?
♥ [Andy] dont know lei. black?

27. Whats No.10 doing Now?
♥ [fabian] snoring away! hahaha.

bahhs. anyways, im pretty bored for the day. ahhh! i want go play pool today lei.. anyone? :DD im starting work next monday and i have to work for everyday till friday. luckily its a job that ends early in the day. haha.

aaaaaaaaaaa. bored.
give me some activities please.

Replies to tags!

Shawn- er, ya laaa. also busy with that. haha. billard still gong gong laa. u mai bully. LOL.

Jeanie- done! ahahah. i wrote so many crap.

Weifeng- yeaps! :D hahaha its like oh-so-finally

Chinping- np! yeap yeap! then i shall win all ur money. hahaha.

Xiong- yaaa. i go off then u and jiexin come le. hahaha :x

Andy- hahha. what me! thanks anyway :D

i just realised i have yet to do my new year shopping.
town, anyone?

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