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went out on saturday night! :D hhahas. was still gaming when shiyun deardear called me and asked me to go bugis :D so pooffff. off i went. met up with shixuan and szegee as well. :D and surprisingly, there came an empty train during peak hours for us.

shoved through crowded streets of bugis and i could almost remember which street is which street in bugis. LOL. then shixuan was like saying : eh jaslin, you come bugis how many times alr ah. LOl.

most of us bought stuffs except for szegee! as usual laa. hahah. he come out pei shixuan only. i bought one brown tanktop, white tee and a white hoodie! you wont believe the price of the hoodie luh. LOL. shixuan was also tempted to buy the hoodie and i psychoed him to buy in the end as well. HAHAs.

then we were like saying : ehh, bring to chalet wear ar!

okay the hoodie is darn big on me, but i like! :D

continued to walk around before we trained home at 10pm. :D ah thats about it. hmmm.
and as for today, work is so tiring! all the parents came flooding into the bookshop today to buy books. and its like i've to help everyone of them to get books, pack, etc etc. i even worked overtime! and from 9am to 3.30pm, i hardly get to sit down and rest other than lunch time. ):

anyways, headed for bugis street again today as i wanted to change the color of the tanktop i bought! but the person die die dowan change for me cause i didnt bring down their plastic bag. .________. wasted trip! argh. walked around but still didnt see any thing that i wanted. =\

i dont know what the hell happened to my brain, that i hopped on bus 851 to come back! gosh. its like oh-so-packed, and i have to stand throughout the journey. i even fell asleep and knocked into the glass panel. oopppps. ok la.. not very hard. LOL.

so from 9am till like 6pm, i didnt get to sit down other than a half an hour lunchtime. hahah. work tomorrow again! (:

*off on wednesday and thursday! wheees

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