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ahh. here i am, back to blogging! :D hmms, had been pretty busy nowadays, literally.

1) hahah. im doing up a new blogskin! i wanna a new blogskin for the new year. and im gonna do one which is pure white. my loveee! but however, i guess the layout would still be the same. unless i have a better layout in mind. XD

2) as its the festive season now, and its FINALLY january, i almost have activities packed up in mind all the way for the whole month! must cherish my holidays now, cause my holidays may just end for me in feb. hur hur. see how my results first ba. :D

3) MY CLASS CHALET! we're gonna rock the whole terrace upside down. i'll be bringing my speakers down! :D since kaiting's mum agreed to fetch us there. hehs. shuting and girls had prepared the music! so we're gonna blast them till people complains about us. LOL.

4). chalet again, i've been preparing the food for BBQ! :D ordered from 3 different online bbq food caterers and i've compared 5 different prices for EACH item! hardwork, okay! :D went to NTUC, ColdStorage, MyBBQ, BBQwholesale, and EZB. hahas.

there's pretty much of a variety, and i guess im gonna blog what i've ordered on the class blog for transparency purposes. meeting derek and guys tmr at NTUC to buy some bbq food as well! :D

5). needless to say, which will be work! im getting a wound each day i report for work lorrr. look! i was carrying this stack of books which the customer wanted, and my hand accidentally banged into the rack which was selling batteries laaa. then, my poor hand got a scar due to the sharp ends of the price tag. if thats what u call it. LOL.

anyways, thats not pus, please. just my scarred skin. LOL. gosh, im darn angryyyy! this morning while i went to buy my breakfast at the coffeeshop near ACI,...

the uncle asked me : xiaomei, ni shi ma lai xi ya ren ah?
translated to english which would then be, : girl, you're msian ar?

=.=" ahhh! in what way do i look like a msian? i also dont have the msian slang. zomg. the other time, when i took cab, the person thought im some cheena people from china just because i spoke chinese to him. LOL. .___.

okay i guess this just a short update for the day! :D off to do my blogskin.


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Adeva, Homey, Kenneth, Yong- hahahs. thanks alot! Happy new year to you guys as well! ;D

Shawn- ahh fine fine. the thing so long ago alr talk until now .___. i tried replying, but network jammed. not bo xim. haha.

Daphne- hahaha. this dress ur sister pass me de xD she dont want i guess.

Mao- uh HUM......... yes may i help u? LOL.

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