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finally im done with the editing and such! :D today's NYJC camp was such a bore that i was nearly murdered and done with within the first hour. LOL. guess i shall blog about the chalet first! :D

anyways, can you believe? i took a cab from my house here to northpoint which i could actually reach by foot or bus (3stops). LOL. just because i was carrying too much stuffs! gotta cab to northpoint before samuel could help me with the stuffs. look, i have to carry my big backpack, plus a box with my speakers and everything inside, + one BAG of corn + one BAG full of frozen food. LOL.

anyways, met up with shiyun deardear and kaiting as well, before her mother fetched us there! met up with mrlee and his family + mr thong before we checked in! mr john lim soon dropped by, bringing lots of lots of tidbits!

and after some briefing for all the other classmates who came in at different time, i went off for roller blading! i guess its been pretty long ever since i roller bladed, and i think that was two years ago de matter. LOL. lost touch and it took me a while to get the hang of it. poor eeting who tried it out with me needed to grab juetong and zihan the whole hour. oopsie!

hahahs. as we settled dinner outside and headed back to the chalet, we turned the table outside into a gambling den laa! LOL. we were like squatting / standing on the benches instead of sitting. luck wasnt too good, and i lost 4 bucks on the first night! first time lose money in ban-luck. ahhhh!

hehs. after bathing and such we ran a DVD-marathon. LOL. they started off with something which i did not watch, but it was followed up with a horror film - The Ring. aha! rings a bell?

everyone was like crowded infront of the TV looking at it. hahaha. its fun to look at people's expression when the ghost is about to pop out lor. LOL. but things soon got boring after that. first night was darn bored cause their wasnt any activities in place!

was jioing people to go for midnight movies but all of them were like broke! say too expensive or say they lazy walk out. LOL. bathed and etc, and when some of us really cant stand the boredom, jenin and i plus some guys walked out to downtown mac. then went to the park for a walk!

and i must say, aloha loyang looks pretty at night!

and the super long road which we always have to take while going out.

headed back later on. and just as i wanted to sleep, all the 4 rooms were taken up! guess i'll have to head for the chairs in the living room. but who knows, they practically blasted the TV while watching DVDs. so everytime when i managed to fall asleep, someone in the TV would suddenly talk/scream and i'll wake up. LOL.

until 5+ in the morning when i gave up on sleeping. watched dvds with them while waiting for those in the room to wake up. hahaha. sleep like pigs lor. oops! :x anyways, in the morning and just as i thought the girl's room were empty, its full again! ahhhh. either they haven wake up or someone else went to sleep already.

and so i ended up sleeping in the boy's room. and mind u, i had to bunk in the queen sized bed with fulin and sam. LOL. sam was pretty nice. he gave me his blanket and pillow. hehs. but who knows... 7+ am i was woken up again. LOL.

this time round they wanted to play mass games, and so woke me up to ask me go upstairs and sleep. ahhhh! so tired. LOL. guess i slept till noon, and shiyun deardear and i lazed on the bed until lunch was sent to our rooms. hahaha.

woke up, bathed, changed and went to the beach!

actually we had already dressed up for the theme party wear and while waiting for others, we went out laahs!

i was under the theme of punk,

kaiting was geek,
(but it looked more like retro LOL)

and sy deardear was under hiphop!
shuai enough ma?! :D hahah

deyi the small geeky kid and sexy chijie as the princess! LOL.

princess sinren!

szegee the rebellion! and he had tatoos on his hand de hor.
mai luan luan lai. XD

timothy hiphop and derek geek

my pretty ladies under hiphop and beachwear,

still got others laa! but lazy post up. hahaha.

tatoo hor! mai anyhow. LOL.

shixuan. punk or geek? LOL. candid again! HAHA.

and soon after that, started bbqing after the food arrived! see, they're all fighting to start the fire. LOL.

&& i was the one giving out orders! LOL.

candid shots of the kitchen!
girls hard at work okay! and i think i only grabbed those which had me inside! :x

and there was this chocolate fondue joke going around laa. LOL. shixuan is darn funny.

but heyy, i didnt just give out orders ok! i got help to bbq!
and then the guys started calling me da-jie-da. LOL.

went out to walk after that. and before that, was contemplating on the bikes. hahahah. but in the end never rent, cause too many of them rented it. can borrow!

aloha loyang at night.

seaview once again. hahah.

these two photos got lost somewhere. and im lazy to drag it up. so here it is. hehs. always have to walk this long road while heading back to aloha again!

after the first round of bbq, there continued a second round, but im too lazy to bbq alr. went to bathe instead. HAHA. im bathing like 2~3 times per day. hahaha. spent time watching the dvds again, as its almost past midnight!

wanted to go out for movies but have to wait for junfei to come back and bathe. after that dilly dally here and there, we finally went out in a group of 10+ at almost 2am. LOL. wanted to go out with szegee and junfei at 12+ one lor.

who knows when we finally conquered the four floors of E-Hub, the cathay wasnt open! ahhhh. they aint open during midnight on weekdays. there goes the wasted trip and we walked back to the chalet. LOL.

it was around 3+ when we went back. and just as i thought the rooms might be available to sleep as its still pretty early, who knows both the girls' room are full again! ahhhhh. so there there there. i guess about 7 of us spent the night in the living room sleeping on chairs again. each person one chair. HAHA. slept till morning 7+ and that's about it lahhs. :D

once again, thanks to all which have made this chalet happen. (: really appreciated all you guys presence, and made it a memorable one. my apologies for the lack of food and activities! :x the food ran out so fast. LOL.

and also, thanks to those which had helped out tremendously, especially the guys. really thumbs up to them as they were the ones which kept on cleaning the kitchen floor numerous times. and also million thanks to those guys which kept on running from aloha to downtown to help restock items! - deyi, junping, samuel, szegee, william, derek, junfei and chijie! did i miss others?

and of course, a kindly reminder to all. bring your own washing sponge/scrub if you're going to stay at aloha! can u believe, i used my bare hands and nails to scrub and get off those stains in the cooking pans and all those plates. simply eeww. ._. my bare hands lor! ahhhh! but im proud of it cause i washed all the plates and utensils. HAHA!

okay guess i'll blog till here first. i need a bath! NYJC updates coming up soon. (:

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