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First of all, wishing everyone a


its moo moo year in 2009!

anyways, woke up at noon today and headed to granny's house all the way at Redhill! far, i know. haha. didnt feel like doing cause its just about stonning and more stonning if i go down. but no choice, mum insisted and off we headed to redhill with my bro. (:

and since we had nothing better to do, decided to go Tiong Bahru to watch The Wedding Game with my cousins! (: okay, 2 to be exact. hahas.

i guess i need not talk too much about the story line. the whole plot was about two of them faking a wedding to gain wealth and fame. quite funny, but it's abit draggy when it came to the back part. perhaps a rating of 5.5/10. (:

went back to granny house for dinner, stayed till around 9plus before we homed! (: gosh im tired.

And this is on New year's eve! (:
my mum complained that my attire was too sui-bian -.-

okay needless to say, i also went to my granny house for reunion steamboat dinner!
so, i went to redhill for two consecutive days. hahah.

and since we are the first few who reached, we started our dinner first! hehs. if not later too much people. im in the picture with the back view one. lols. my uncle was trying out a phone's camera. and the one in black's my bro. heh.

okay basically just two families in this picture la. (: dont know why its so blurr. but you cant blame me afterall, im not the camera man! XD

collected a few ang paos, although not alot. and handed them to my mum. boohoo. okay at least she gave me an angpao of a decent amount in it. :b i guess tmr im going to my cousin's house and pray at the temple and perhaps another relative's/my house. (:

bahhh. its so bored. nobody is updating their blogs. i have nothing to read! and recently i've even went youtubing on the X-Family and Miss No Good. HAHA. i know its so old already laa! went to rewatch it to kill time.

okay thats about it. blog till here first! (:

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