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first of all..
wishing all my readers here a


say goodbye to 2008 and welcome 2009! well..

im gonna blog about my new year resolutions!
im gonna blog about my new year resolutions!
im gonna blog about my new year resolutions!
im gonna blog about my new year resolutions!

but not today. LOL. cause i simply have much to blog about today. perhaps tmr or something! :D

anyways., im really hitting it tough at work. ahhhh! this work doesnt suits me! obviously, books and i had an enmity. after going work for almost 3 weeks, my back (near my left shoulder) is aching badly! so bad that it lasted for 3 whole days straight! just as it finally got better on one morning,......... the pain came back during work! must have been carrying too much heavy stuffs.

and as i type, im still trying to ease the pain. YES, ITS ACHING DARN BAD.

i dont want work anymoree.
i dont want work anymoree.
i dont want work anymoree.

oh no. i seemed like some small kid throwing tantrums. LOL. anyways, i guess i got it worse on tuesday! which is the day before. i was unpacking some boxes while a STACK of RING FILES dropped on my head laa! mind you, its darn pain! cause they were stacked on some half filled boxes, it became unstable and of all times, it dropped when i was unpacking right below there!!

its pain luh okay. considering that its those darn hard type. and its a stack! nevermindd about this. and later as i tried to get a box out from one place, i dont know why im so dumb as to hit my elbow against another box! yes, pain big time again. and i ended up with a BLUEBLACK on my right elbow. ahh.

and worse. after lunch time, the ONLY cashier counter crashed!! i mean, harddisk crashed. LOL. it hanged just as i was scanning items halfway. and customers kept pouring in!! ahh. so in the end, i have to do payment for people manually. gosh. like copying down all prices and barcodes! ):

see, books and i have an enmity!

anyways, i had another haircut this morning again! or rather, ytd morning. LOL. im visiting the auntie ever so frequently. i guess this is the only pict which shows where i've cut. [since my mum's always complaining that i got cut and no cut = no difference]

still cant see where? other than trimming my fringe.... i sniped off the whole length of hair which previously covers all the way down from my left cheek! yups, just one side. hahahs.

this was the hairstyle i've been contemplating way back or rather, a few weeks ago. LOL. cause it involved cutting away the part of hair which i took 2 years to keep till that length, i didnt experiment boldly with it. and this morning, i guess i ate some courage booster pills and i told the auntie to cut until the length where it will just reach my EARS.

it doesnt really shows in the picture. its actually a U-shape which goes up to my ears and then comes back down again. and thank god, i simply loved the outcome!!

it makes it way easy to set my hair. LOL. ohya and anyways, spot for my blue black on my right elbow! its almost evident in the above two pictures!

anyways.. back to topic, i was invited to my Uncle's house for New Year Countdown Party! it was supposed to start at 3. but i guess its okay to go late. haha. everybody does it. i was planning to leave the house around 3+, all thanks to my bro that i left only around 5pm!

before 3pm he wanted to catch a nap. so i went to have my haircut, get ready and blah. since it only takes him half an hour to get ready, and like an hour for me? LOL. make up, hair and everything done, and he's still sleeping! zomg.

wake him up alr, he went back sleep. if not he gong gong went to watch videos with his comp. .__. he never told me he was waiting for his gf who only knocked off work at 5.30pm! roarrr. see, i had so much free time that i camwhored. totally. evidence below!

at my uncle's house! alot people arrived alr by the time its 6! haha. lots of kids running about the house. lols. saw many many relatives which i've yet to seen for like a year?
and seriously, my family members showed lot of interest in my extensions. LOL.

cause my hair looked so long and they started talking about my hair. hahah. now i've even forgot what's my original hair length. o.o && also, cause i've set my hair and put on eye liners and etc, my aunts kept discussing about my looks.

.___. and one of them commented that i looked like someone from a comic strip. LOL. alot laaa. but im glad the comments for my new haircut were positive. HAHA. back at home, my mum even commented : wahhs, not bad ar. just 4 bucks for a new look. LOL.

look, they still had their xmas tree around. hahah

anyways, stayed till around 10 plus before we cabbed home! got abit boring. hehs. and some of us were tired. blahh~ thats about it! :D anyways, isnt the view from their 16th floor simply pretty?! :D

Replies to tags :

Shawn- ah fine fine. dont want quarrel with u. LOL. what complain so much! having to travel from commonwealth and make a special trip back home. that's very good alr lor. LOL.

Andy- hahas talked :D

Kaiting-oh alrights :D

Mao- hahahs. well,.. not abit old laa. just simply OLD. LOL. xD happy new year anyways! ;D

Zhiyan- hee that was meant for people who wanted to criticise.. not for u both! xD happy new yr! ~


1stly, my inbox was totally flooded. be it before or after midnight ._.
2ndly, i TRIED to reply, but network was jammed and i couldnt send out!

although some had received, despite the "sending failed" signal on my phone.

3rdly, my bills are exploding!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but nevermind. i still love you guys and neither do i want to lose contact with u all! nah, your reply to the sms sent to me. once again..

im gonna pull thew samuel shengxiong and thomas' newly pierced ear! LOL. i'm mean!

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